Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Confessional

Another installation of my wrongdoings...

Our three kids' names are going to be my maiden name initials (C, J, M). I realized this right after we agreed on a name, but was afraid that if Anthony knew he'd pull Molly off the table. So I didn't tell him until Sunday morning while I was talking to a friend at church about it. His eyes got big and he jokingly muttered some comments about veto power. Now that it's blog and Facebook official (ha!), there's no pulling it off the table, so I figured it was a safe time to break the news to him!

I throw my kids' artwork away. I know it sounds SOOOO mean, but let's think about this. They come home with at least one piece of artwork for every day at school (Sunday school included). That would be 4 pieces of art per week- for an entire school year! While I LOVE LOVE LOVE their art (and I really really do with all of my heart- honestly), there is just no sense in keeping it. We got all of Anthony's childhood memories/boxes shortly after we got married. It has all of his art from way back when and he has no desire to even look at it- and he actually wants to chunk it all. As much as I know my kids might look at it one day, they won't want to keep it forever. So I've started sorting it monthly. I hang it on the fridge until the month is over. At the end of the month, I take a picture of everything each kid has done, and then (VERY slowly and painfully) throw it away. They already have new art to hang and take over the fridge, and after a month they are over it, too. I know it sounds cruel, but I just can't store 1,000 pieces of art for my kids for 25 years just to have them want to chunk it. Hopefully they don't hate me for this one day.

As much as I love the Houston Rodeo, I'm so glad it's over this year. Going when you are 31 weeks pregnant with two toddlers is no joke. My body is beyond worn out from my three trips. See ya next year HLSR!

I ate a ridiculous amount of Oreo cookies last night after everyone went to bed. I am so ashamed.

I am going on a girls' weekend this coming weekend and am so freaking excited. I love my kids and husband to pieces, but momma needs some time off. 

I try to be a good wife and have the house picked up and kids relatively under control most nights when Anthony gets home from work. But I was really irritated with him for a couple things the other day and chose to leave everything "as is" (which honestly isn't even that bad- I can't handle too much stuff out either). Anyway he walked in, surprised, and I greeted him with a "Don't even think about saying anything" look. Super childish? Absolutely. But it really did make me feel better- which is even worse!

I went into Target before my doc appointment to return a maternity top. I thought it would take me a little longer, so when I had a few extra minutes, I mosied over to the maternity section. I ended up buying TWO dresses- both costing more than what I returned. Argh- can't get out of the vicious cycle. 

Until next time...


the blogivers said...

I also throw away a lot of artwork over here! I keep the good stuff, which I will take pictures of and make into a book for him, but I ain't gonna hang on to the random Sunday school coloring pages that he scribbled on twice :)

Jenni said...

My MIL is pushing for baby #4 with a name starting with a Y so we'd have C-L-A-Y....ain't gonna happen!!

Jason and Jenny said...

Amen on the artwork! And not cleaning up the house occasionally when frustrated with the husband is totally acceptable! (And normal!) I wouldn't feel guilty either.

Kimberly Hixon said...

I have missed your Wednesday confessionals!! Thanks for sharing!!