Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trail Riders!

There is something really special about Houston that most people who aren't from here don't know about.

It's a SPECIAL time of year called Rodeo Season! For most of you not from Texas, you are rolling your eyes and thinking that everything you thought you knew about Texas is true. Well, let's just say that since Houston is one of the largest cities in the US, one of the most diverse, has the most diverse and incredible restaurants, and is known for many big businesses, I think we can all safely say it's NOT those things you think it is. 

However, around this time of year, everyone goes back to the days when it WAS all of those things, and this city embraces it and loves it. 

Starting at the end of February, Trail Riders come in from all over the state. We actually did this when we were younger! My grandmother and uncle owned horse stables and participated in a trail ride. As kids we would join for the final ride into downtown and the parade. I was actually on the news one year when I was four because I was so young and fell asleep in all my cowgirl gear (apparently they recognized how darn cute I was. Ha!). 

Anyway, we haven't missed a trail ride in forever. We LOVE supporting the trail riders as they ride in. Plus, it's awesome to let our kids see something like this. When you have a child who loves animals, it makes it even better!

So, if you read here regularly, then you will be seeing some upcoming posts about Rodeo Season. The trail rides kick off the season, then it's BBQ Cook Off time (we haven't been the past few years, I think we are officially grown out of that stage now- but we might be back one day!), the rodeo and carnival and concerts (we've got a few that we've got tickets to this year!), and the Livestock Show (we will be there next week!). 

It's safe to say that this is absolutely one of my favorite times of year and one of the times that makes me so happy to be a Houstonian. I LOVE Rodeo Season!

And now for some pictures of our trail ride watching the other day!

I finally convinced Jay to wear his bandana and he saw some "real cowboys" with red bandanas, too!

And for nostalgia, here is from years past...




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