Friday, March 28, 2014

Target Dollar Spot Saves the Day- Again!

Oh man, I TOTALLY lucked out the other day when I stumbled onto pure brilliance at the dollar spot at Target.

I found Slime (it was $3 each)!

Do you know how long a thing of slime can keep a kid busy?! Almost ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, this little bottle of $3 yuck bought me almost an hour of cleaning, prepping for dinner, doing laundry... Unreal I tell ya!

Both of my kids were OBSESSED!

We just dumped it on the coffee table at first and they just explored and touched and "Ewwww"d over it. One had green, one had orange. Then, when I noticed their interesting waning, I panicked and grabbed two disposable straws.

That's when the real genius hit.

Oh yeah, you can blow bubbles in slime. Big bubbles, little bubbles, bubbles within bubbles... the possibilities are endless, folks!

Then they popped them and kept blowing and popped them some more!

We made snakes, we used the bottle to cut circles out, we pretended it was snot (come on- I have a Son for Heaven's sake!)... We loved playing with it!

Some things to remember should you choose to take this on...
-Don't let it get on the carpet! We had one little drop and it's TOUGH to get out! Same goes for clothes/hair...
-Don't play with it outside- sand/dirt/grass won't come out either!

Honestly, my kids had so so much fun with this. Best $6 I've spent in a while!!


Brittany Sciba said...

Um, brilliant. Next time I'm at Target (which will probably be tomorrow because let's face it, I go almost every day) I will be picking a few up! Thanks for sharing! :)

Leah said...

I wonder if they still have it. I noticed the brand "Alex." We got a paper airplane set from Target (also $3 aisle), and Henry LOVES them - only Matt has to make the planes, but still. I'm looking for the slime!