Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break 2k14

It was a busy but wonderful kind of Spring Break week!

You know those kinds of weeks where you are so incredibly busy that they just fly by? The kind of week that while you're in the middle of it you think you can't really keep your ahead afloat, yet as soon as it's over you ask where the heck it went? Yup- it was one of those. 

We started out by having a date night at the rodeo to see Keith Urban. It's not often enough we get out without the kids, but we sure have a good time when we do! The rest of the weekend was spent at my parents' house with them. Lots of swinging, fixing things, and being spoiled. They sure love being there!

Monday morning we headed to Austin for one final trip to my sister Kiki's house. They moved out on Tuesday and she wanted anyone who wanted to come visit/stay one last time. Bless her she had 12 people in her house the night before and morning that she moved- I would have NEVER been that brave! My kids LOVE going to Austin for visits and will be so sad that those fun times are over. BUT since they are moving into our neighborhood I think they will like that even more! :)

But it really was bittersweet. We always have the best time exploring Austin- the parks, the restaurants, the fun. Their house felt like another home to us and will definitely be missed! 

We made the most of our time there, though. We spent the majority of the day at Zilker Park with a last playground/snow cone/train time. Then we went canoeing. My nephews and niece and sisters had all been before, but we had never taken our kids. I decided it sounded fun, so we put on our life jackets and hopped in our boat. It was just my two kids and me in our canoe. And I was SHOCKED at how much they loved it. They both "helped" paddle the whole time and LOVED looking at the fish, jillions of turtles, ducks, and people. It helped that it was the perfect weather day in Texas. Seriously perfect.

We spent an hour canoeing and went all the way to the Lamar bridge and back. An hour is a long time to be the only paddler of a canoe! But it felt great to get some real arm exercise in! I was pooped by the end though!

No filter- just an iPhone pic. 
It really was THAT perfect of a day!

We had more park time at our favorite playground, delicious Austin foods for the last meals, and headed back to Houston Tuesday morning. After a complete meltdown at Kerbey Lane by unnamed daughter because someone cut her pancakes (oh the horrors!) and a bout of diarrhea on the side of the highway on the way home by unnamed son, we finally made it back to our little haven. It was an interesting morning I tell ya!

Char making a birthday cake. She put the stick in as a candle!

My cutie monkeys!
And look at my strong little girl- she LOVES to hang!

The middle of the week was spent playing with cousins, visiting MeeMaw, going to the park with friends, going on hours-long walks to the bayou with my kids, and running errands to get ready for our end of week company! My favorite kind of week!

Looking for the kitty under the bed!

Hitching a ride on our walk. Who needs the seats?!

Climbing the big wall!

This is the furthest I got from him (just to take a pic!)
I quickly ran back by him!!

One of my most favorite views in the world! 

The park with friends!

Jay is all about picking his own outfits these days. 
It typically looks like this one- blue on blue, gray on gray, etc... :)

The crazy snugglers. 

Picking up a wheelchair for Great Grandma Peggy.
I just love these two. 

Thursday afternoon Anthony's family came in from parts of Texas and Iowa. We loved having them visit and my kids LOVED all the extra attention! We had a yummy dinner of pinto beans and enchiladas (have to introduce them to the good stuff!) and made cookies after (those Iowa women can bake!).

Friday we made one last hurrah to the Houston rodeo. I'm SO sad rodeo season is over, but after three trips there this year while I'm 31 weeks pregnant, I'm happy to take a break from it! I'm still tired just thinking about it!

Our group with Howdy!

Obligatory bull riding pic.
Cousin love!

We did lots of animal-looking this time around, lots of yummy snacking, and Jay loved the carnival rides/games. Charley Kate rode her first pony (and refused to look at the camera and actually smile- she would only do this smirking pouty lips thing... My diva!) and LOVED watching Mutton Bustin'! This girl has no fear I tell ya and will be out there as soon as she weighs enough!

We all took long naps after the rodeo and enjoyed a wonderful dinner of fajitas and queso at our favorite spot.

Cousin bath time fun!

Charley Kate loved snuggling with Grandma Peggy and showing her how to work the iPad!

The fam headed back Saturday morning and my kids were so sad to see them go! Iowa is a long ways away and we were so thankful they came to see our little world in Houston! 

The rest of the weekend we caught up with my parents and our little life (church, friends, family!). It's always fun to have busy, crazy weeks, but there is something about your little family and routine that is wonderful, too!

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