Sunday, March 2, 2014

28 Weeks with #3

I know the post title is super creative- whatever. I am officially exhausted and have no more brain power for clever titles!

So, here I am at 7 months pregnant! Yikes- that sounds like a lot! 

I'm overall feeling pretty great- though the typical aches and pains I've already talked about (pressure, tailbone, etc) are still present and kicking! 

I definitely hit a tired point last weekend (Ant had two late nights of work- he didn't see the kids at all- so it was basically like he was out of town again plus a busy weekend). I was ready to crash by Sunday night which makes heading into a new week a little overwhelming! 

I had my 28 week appointment on Tuesday. I got to drink the yummy (ha!) glucose test drink and I'll find out towards the end of this week if I passed or failed. It was the orange one, and my BFF and I are convinced that one always makes you fail!

I also got to see sweet girl on an ultrasound which always makes me so happy. She was just as cute as ever. We got a few pics of her face printed, but I swear, it was SO much more clear on the screen!! In most of the shots I swear she looked exactly like CK, but my mom thinks her profile is definitely Jay's!

Straight on face shot (chin on left, top of head on right)
She is looking right at us and was sticking her tongue in and out in this one! LOVE!
Her little fists are right under her chin, too!

Profile. I can definitely see what my mom was talking about the more I look at it.
She's got Anthony's and his mom's bridge of the nose! 

We had an ultrasound because back at my 20 week ultrasound my doctor noticed my placenta was low and partially covering my cervix. She diagnosed me as partial placenta previa (early) and gave me a little warning about taking it easy and put some restrictions on what I was allowed to do. She did say that the placenta can move and by 28 weeks it will be in its final spot.Thus the reason for the ultrasound this week. 

I'm not gonna lie- I was pretty nervous about the prospect of it not moving and being placed on bed rest. For the most part I just prayed and assumed the best until a few days ago. Thankfully, God knew I had no time for bed rest and I'm happy to report that Operation-Move-My-Placenta was successful! Back in the clear for regular activities! Woohoo!

They also learned that she is head down and should stay that way until it's time to come out (thank you, Lord!). She is measuring a little small in the head (not surprising for my little-headed kids), a little ahead in the abdomen/chest, and a little behind in upper leg and upper arm length. It sounds like she might have the same bone structure as CK, but be a little chub when she is born (just like big sis!). I can't wait to find out! Her weight is about 2lbs, 11oz right now which puts her at the 62%. I just know she's gonna be a big newborn like her sister. They say they get bigger each time, and since CK was 8lbs, 3 oz I'm just bracing myself! Eek!

Weight gain is definitely not a fun topic for me right now. It's easier in the beginning because I start out so slow, but I definitely make up for it towards the end. Lucky me :)  I am up 15 lbs. And with twelve more weeks to go... Yikes! The prospect of gaining at least 12 more pounds is scary, but when I think about gaining 27 lbs overall it's totally normal and perfect. I swear, though, there is just something hard about seeing those numbers go up that much on your scale- even if you know it's for an amazing reason!

I start seeing my doc every two weeks now which is NUTS to me! They also said it was time to preregister at the hospital (HOLY SMOKES!) and did my questionnaire (breast or bottle? epidural? etc...). In case you were wondering, my answer to an epidural is YES YES YES- as fast as you can get it to me! All you non-epi girls can just keep your opinions to yourself, thankyouverymuch.

I can't believe we are at this point already! It's becoming VERY real and I'm getting VERY excited!!!!

28 Weeks with #3
(I have realized a few things this go 'round... We need to pick a better spot- the lighting here STINKS which causes shadows and fuzzy pictures. This baby deserves better! We have three more of these to make it better- we will!)

28 Weeks with Jay!

30 Weeks with CK
(Sorry girl, I was apparently late on this one!)


Kate said...

Enjoy that epidural! As a labor and delivery nurse now, I have already decided I am getting an epidural and I have never been pregnant! Who cares! :-) I can't believe you're almost down to single digits! Looking so great!

Casey Charles said...

She looks like she's smiling in that first picture! Adorable alrrady!

Kimberly Hixon said...

Epidurals are amazing!! I got mine at only 1 cm, and I hope I can get it that much sooner the next time!! You look great!! I wish I would have only gained 27 lbs, but I think I was about 40!

Leah said...

Glad everything is normal w/ the placenta!!! Also, I gained 7 lbs bt my 28 and 32 week appt. awesomeness. and yes 27lbs is nothing - I always gain 35-40. (even though no one seems to be able to see it, it's there.)