Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Random Ramblings

I realize that I haven't updated on this guy at all... 

Tex has been doing really well since his surgery! The day we brought him home was crazy- trying to get all of us used to the "new" Tex for a while was going to be crazy. We borrowed a large dog crate from my parents to keep him subdued in our room- and it was too small. I'm telling you, this is one of the biggest golden retrievers ever (yes he's fat, but he's also HUGE). So we borrowed a doggy gate from a friend and let him have a larger area in our laundry room. That proved to be perfect. 

The first couple of days was fine- Anthony was home and the kids were obsessed with loving all over him. We had to give him three pills three times a day for pain, ice each leg for 15 minutes three times a day, walk him out to potty, and then an anti-inflammatory once a day. All of this plus starting a new diet for him was a lot- but why not tackle it all at once?! 

Once Anthony went back to work on Monday things proved to be a little more difficult, though not impossible. We made it through, and now just one day short of two weeks post-op he is doing great! No limping, no more pills, no more icing. He is ready to be up and about though, so we are having to work on keeping him calm and resting until his appointment on Tuesday. Sigh... 

On another note, Charley's talking has totally taken off these past two weeks. I swear, she turned two and it was like, BOOM! Talking in full (totally understandable) sentences. And the past three days I am pretty confident she hasn't stopped talking! She is now narrating everything that she possibly can ("I going to walk up the stairs now, ok mom?" "Texey needs to stop wicking his paws now." "Come on Jay and wet's go pway over there with the mawkers.") Girl has been keeping me in stitches all day! 

My favorite thing she has said lately was at dinner the other night. We were all sitting and about halfway through the meal. I had just finished my water and needed one more sip of something. I asked her if I could have a sip of her juice. She answered, "Sure mom! It's pretty tasty!" I mean, what?! I died laughing. It was so sincere and so sweet. Oh that girl... 

The Houston Zoo had two new babies born about two weeks ago- a baby elephant and a baby giraffe! We HAD to go see them, and last Thursday proved to be the perfect day for a zoo trip! We are officially obsessed with the babies and my little animal lover watched them forever. A trip back is in our very near future!

Last week I got together with two of my pledge sisters that I hadn't seen in forever! One lives in Canada and is in town visiting her family in The Woodlands. The other lives near Kingwood. I'm sure most of you aren't familiar with Houston, but these are not close to where I live (an hour plus). So we all met at a jump place in the middle. The kids had a blast together and it was SO fun to catch up! I wish I would have gotten a picture with the moms, but the kid pics will have to do for now! :)

This picture is so great because you can absolutely see the family resemblances in each set of two!

A few years ago right when we moved into our new house, there was a huge drought in Houston. It took a lot of the trees at our neighborhood park/playground. People were asked to donate money for new trees. I had totally forgotten about it until our visit last week. All the new trees were up and so were the little plaques to mark them! I was so excited to see "our tree!" I know my kids will love watching our tree grow. It's going to be crazy one day when they are grown to come back and see that sweet tree. I know it will bring back so many memories of our days and picnics at the park. We spend a LOT of time up there and have already had one birthday party there. Such a special little memory...

And one last note before I end my crazy ramblings... Anthony and my dad took Jay to a Rice baseball game this weekend. Jay loved it and is now loving "talking baseball." It helped that some of his best buds and their dads also went. (No pictures, BTW. Daddy isn't good about remembering to take pics!!) Then on Sunday we went to my nephew's lacrosse game. On Monday Jay woke up and said, "What kind of ball game are we going to today, mom?" Ahhh... love love love! Such a boy! Did I mention how thankful I am for a husband who loves to spend time with his son?! I love my girl time with Charley! Not to mention the fact that Anthony is also SO good about taking Charley Kate on "dates"- even if it's just to the grocery store. They spend time together and then I get some QT with my big boy. He's a good daddy, that one... I definitely lucked out! 

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