Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Tex

We just dropped this guy off for surgery. 

He is having double ACL repair on his hind legs. Did you know dogs even had ACLs? I didn't (though I don't know much about the inner-workings of dogs). And I had no clue they could tear them. 

At the end of November he was wrestling with our neighbor's dog and let out a huge yelp then immediately pulled his rear left leg up. After several days he started to put light weight on it. After a few weeks he could walk on it- though not well. After a vet exam they determined it was a partially torn ACL. We tried to rest and rehab it. When it hadn't gotten significantly better we took him in to be reevaluated. The vet's comment was, "Well I am totally shocked. I feel confident saying it's now totally torn- and I'm amazed at how well he is doing despite of it." 

We went into the vet specialist (surgeon) to chat about options. They confirmed his left hind ACL was totally shredded and that his right hind ACL is partially torn (and will continue on the same path as the other). 

After lots of discussion with the doctor, we decided to go ahead and repair both at the same time. Several factors contributed to this decision and we all felt as a team this was best for ol' Tex! 

So we dropped him this morning after a night of extra hugs and snuggles from all of us! He is such an important part of our family. Tex is the BEST dog to our kids. He loves them like his own and takes so much from them. We can't imagine our world without him. 

We are anxious to see our sweet boy in a few days. Hoping for great results and a renewed spring in Tex's step! 


the blogivers said...

Praying for a smooth surgery for your sweet pup :) Keep us posted!

Jenni said...

Ahh...praying for sweet Tex!!

Katie said...

Our Westie had his acls repaired also (1 at a time for some reason) and it was hard but so worth it!

Emily Peters said...

Praying everything goes smoothly!