Monday, February 17, 2014

My Funny Valentines

When I was little I LOVED Valentine's Day! Between the parties and the exchange of cards (and maybe a sucker!) it was so fun!

By middle school my friends got smart and we all gave each other a flower. That was brilliant because in those awkward tween years we all felt "loved" and had flowers to walk around with at school! 

High school was where you played it cool and didn't care- even though you really did. You'd send those Valentine-grams to each other in class or your boyfriend would bring a big bouquet of flowers to school for you. Then you'd celebrate with a dinner out somewhere (probably Chili's or something). 

College was a blast. If you were dating someone it was always a big ordeal (special restaurant, gifts, flowers) which was super fun. But if you were single, it was probably even more fun because you had your best friends there with you. We always went out and had a total blast together! 

My first Valentine's Day with Anthony was awesome. He took me to Shreveport to go see George Strait. It was our first road trip together and we had a ball. I remember I gave him his first Bible that year. It had his name on it. I distinctly remember when we'd do Bible Studies together before that, he had a small, New Testament-only Bible that someone had given him as a freebie on campus. I knew he thought it was a special gift (and he still uses it today). 

I also remember the subsequent Valentine's Days after that- they were always sweet. Sometimes we'd go out to a fancy dinner, sometimes we'd stay in and cook. We dropped gift-giving the first year we were married (we gave each other nightstands for our bedroom that year!)- realizing we'd rather spend time together than anything else. 

Two years ago we spent Valentines Day at home with a newborn and a 17.5 month old. Anthony's mom was there and cooked dinner for us and held Charley so we could actually eat together. That was a memorable one for sure!

This year I got to wake up to cards from my sweet husband and kids and a foot-massage gift certificate! I had a special breakfast with my babies and a day filled with sunshine and laughs. We took lunch and flowers to my grandmother. We all took naps which was glorious! Anthony came home with flowers for both his girls. We are spoiled for sure!

That night out wonderful babysitter came and Anthony made reservations for us at a fabulous new restaurant in town. It was wonderful just having a nice, dress-up date together, where we ate and laughed and talked. I love that we still do fun things together 10 Valentine's Days later. I love that we can still go to dinner and laugh and talk and never feel a lull or awkward moment. I love that for a few hours we are young and carefree again.  I just love him so much and am truly thankful for his companionship. 

I must say, it was a perfect Valentine's Day this year. 

And a throwback to last year... 

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