Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CK's Birthday Party!

For those of you who have met Charley Kate, you know that she is an active, athletic little girl. And for those of you who just see pictures of her on the blog or Facebook, you can probably tell that about her as well.

It only seemed fitting to have her party at one of her favorite places in the entire world- Little Gym (or "Nastics!" as she calls it).

This was one of the greatest decisions of our lives. They do EVERYTHING for you. Set up, clean up, and run the party. I would have spent the same amount of money anywhere else and the fact that they do it all made it all the more enticing.

We invited about 25 of Charley's closest friends! Ha... Yes, really 25! Though I would say the majority were family friends and older siblings. I counted the kids that were actually CK's age and there were 8. We are in that weird stage of still inviting older siblings (they all invite CK to their parties). We won't be in this stage forever, so it was no biggie. Charley had the BEST time seeing everyone she loved in one room! She just ran from person to person to person. It was precious!

For the number of kids who came (23!!!!), it went incredibly smooth. I was so panicked the days leading up to the party wondering how we could accommodate all those kids and parents. And I worried for nothing. It was wonderful and the staff at LG did an amazing job (and totally earned their paycheck and big tip!).

CK's invite!

I forgot to take pictures of the whole set up, but there are a few I captured...

(I forgot pictures of the party favors, outside decorations, the donation bucket for our soldier... argh)

And onto the party pics (college anyone?)!

Fearless little birthday girl!


Someone LOOOVED being the center of attention! :)

The wild boy area! Seriously, they just tackled and ran like crazy! It was so cute!

Birthday girl chose her own spot- next to Jack in the corner :)
Pink cheeks from lots of running!

Jay sandwiched between his Wyatts!

Maggie is our precious neighbor that came along to help. My kids LOOOOVE her! 

Cousin Nick and Jonah

Everyone loves bubbles!

Get ready.... 


Cousins and daughters born a week apart!

Future inlaws with the betrothed coupled...
When you ask CK who she is going to marry she always replies, "Pawks!"

The kids played around, the parents chatted, snacks and drinks were consumed by all. Charley did a GREAT job blowing out her (trick- oops! Did NOT get those on purpose!!) candles.

One if the best parts was the cake. I ordered from a delicious bakery nearby. They have legit yummy cakes. They asked me flavor of the cake, flavor of the icing, then filling flavor. I ordered and the cake turned out delicious. Well, I totally didn't even think about the fact that 2-5 year olds would be freaked out by the raspberry filling! I think every kid but two panicked and asked their parents to scrape it off! Ha! Whoops... I'll definitely remember that for next time! 

Anyway, it was a fun party filled with wonderful people all there to celebrate our precious girl. So thankful!! 


Casey Charles said...

Such a cute party! Glad there was only one pic of the epic meltdown! P.S. Cooper loved the filling, go figure!

Brittany Sciba said...

Sounds like the perfect party! CK looks adorable and happy as always!! :)

kinsey said...

We did Stella Rose's 2nd bday at little perfect!