Tuesday, February 11, 2014

24 Weeks with #3!

So I wrote this at 24 weeks but forgot to take a picture and haven't posted until now- 25.5 weeks. Oops!

Guys, I'm 24 weeks along! This is viability week in the life of an unborn baby! This is so exciting for so many reasons, but 24 weeks pregnant is LEGIT- like everyone can tell I'm pregnant and I'm closer to the end than the beginning! In just 16 short weeks we will be meeting this precious baby girl! Eek!

I am still feeling really really great! I've been having some pretty sweet pressure going on, and I distinctly remember having this with Charley towards the end. I know they say you feel everything sooner with each pregnancy, so I can't even imagine if we have a 4th kid- ha! Anyway, lots of pressure and I've already felt three contractions! It was so funny when I got the first one. I was unloading the car and making lunches and getting the kids set up at the table. All of a sudden I just had the weirdest feeling come over me, and I kind of hunched over instinctively. I felt my stomach and it was SO tight- and the feeling was creeping up my tummy. I kind of sat there puzzled for a sec then thought, "Oh yeah, that's a contraction! Ha!" Anyway, it let up and I just went about my day, though I did decide to lay down and snooze a little just to make sure I wasn't doing too much (code for a great excuse for a nap!).

I've also had some pretty severe tailbone pain (I know I had it with Jay, too) and some sciatic pain. The tailbone pain has been the worst (in addition to the pressure), but I know this just means my body is shifting and moving and prepping for this sweet girl to make her debut! Totally worth it!

Oh, but my hands! They TOTALLY fall asleep every time I sleep. I don't know if I'm cutting off the circulation somehow, but it's so weird!

In my 24 week post with Jay I was having horrible leg cramps every night. I'm happy to report this go 'round I haven't had ANY! Woohoo! And with Charley I just wasn't sleeping well due to her late night partying kicks. I don't know if this little one doesn't party at much at night, or if I'm just too exhausted to even notice. Ha.

I think I mentioned that a few weekends ago on our marriage retreat, Anthony got to feel sweet girl kick. Well, last week Jay got to feel her for the first time and I'm pretty sure it just made his life. He was SO happy and hasn't stopped talking to her and rubbing my belly. It's just beyond sweet.

I think a teeny bit of the nesting bug finally kicked in this past weekend. I haven't really had a huge desire to even walk into the nursery because there was just stuff to be done and I didn't want to do it. Plus, I think when you have two kids already that you are "nesting" for, it makes it tough to add on a third to-do list. But last weekend I cleaned out the nursery closet and organized a few things. It wasn't much by any standard, but I feel confident that if I get absolutely nothing else done before she comes, I will feel pretty good about what she has to come home to. Did that sentence even make sense? Because it totally did in my mind.

And now the belly. Just keeps growing (and the rest of my body has decided to do the same finally- bootie, legs, fingers, feet, boobs... Yikes!). I'm in maternity jeans/pants pretty much all the time now, though a few pairs of my regular jeans still fit (and you better believe I will rock those for as long as possible just for sheer principle!). Most shirts are maternity mainly for the purpose of being long enough to cover this belly! :)

25 Wks with #3!
(I know, it's terrible, my hair is dirty, blah blah blah. It's real life people!)

24 Wks with CK!

24 Wks with Jay!

What these pictures prove is that you look worse with each subsequent pregnancy... I think it's the fact that I have two kids now and have no time to look cute 99% of the time. Oh well... :)


The Joiners said...

I totally had the tingling hands issue too- and it continued for a few weeks after the twins were born! So strange.

You look great and I can't believe it has already been 25+ weeks- eek!

the blogivers said...

I still can't believe we are 9-10 years removed from college and having babies... just blows my mind!

Jenni said...

ummm...1 - how has this gone by so fast?! and 2 - you still look cute with dirty hair. No way could I post a pic of what I look like at the moment. Ha!

Kate said...

You are so adorable!!!

Kimberly Hixon said...

Time has definitely flown by!! You are looking fantastic girl!!