Friday, February 21, 2014

2 Year Stats

I keep forgetting to post Char's 2 Year checkup stats.

We had it the day after birthday, and everything went well of course. We saw our new pediatrician for the first time (our beloved moved to Dallas back in December and I can assure you I was depressed for the following month). The new doc was great. He was quieter than our previous one, but CK didn't let that stop her. She pulled him right out of his shell with her flirty eyes and infectious smile. Girl's got a gift I tell ya! 

Anyway, she's just a teeny little thing-
35.5 inches tall (88%)... I'm pretty sure they gave her a half inch on accident- I don't think she's this tall!
23lbs 8 oz (27%)
18.5 in FOC (45%)
13.1 BMI (4%!!!!!!)

And because I love comparisons, here are her big brother's stats at two years old-
37.5 inches (99%)
29 lbs 10 oz (81%)
19.5 in FOC (82%)
14.8 BMI

Jay at two!

That's a BIG difference for a two year old! Dude is and has always been a thick, solid little boy... Girlfriend has hollow bird bones, I think! :)

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