Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year in Review: 2013

These have turned into my favorite posts. I absolutely love going back and looking at our year in review. What memories we made! What fun we had! I can't even believe how young my kids look a year ago.

I feel like we accomplished so much over the past year. Between walking, potty training, getting pregnant, kicking the pacifier habit and so much more... Always carving time out for Anthony and me. It has been a truly amazing year. I always fret at the end of the year- never knowing how the year ahead could ever top the previous one. And it always does. No year is ever perfect. There are always ups and downs (and this one had it's fair share of downs). But looking back at the pictures just reminds me of how "up" our ups were. 

What a blessed year. 


 Baby girl learns to walk!

Jay's first dentist appointment

Girlfriend is growing up!

Celebrated my dad's 60th birthday!


Charley's FIRST birthday party!!

Valentine's Day

First trip to College Station and first time meeting Miss Rev

Beginning of Rodeo season in Houston!



Rodeo with the kids

Someone potty trained himself!


Lots of family fun!

Celebrated my mom's bday!

Celebrated my birthday!


Last day of school for this guy!

Major case of the sickies in our house (weeks long!)

 Rented a beach house in Galveston with friends! 
Best time ever!


Mom and Dad trip to CO Springs!

Absolutely loving the summer with my sweet babies!!!


Zoo trips galore!

4th of July!

Celebrated our anniversary! 6 Years!

Taught Jay's first VBS!


Moved Charley Kate to a big girl room and bed!

Took the kids on a day trip to Galveston by myself! 
Had the best day ever!



Trip to Cali! 

Jay's 3rd Birthday!!!

Mom's Weekend Away!
Spent the weekend in Austin with my BFFs! 

Met up with pledge sisters! So fun!

Took a trip to Texarkana to visit grandparents

Ready for school!

A&M Game (without kids!)


First day of school! 

Both kids start gymnastics!

Find out we are pregnant!!!!!!

First movie!

Aggie football love!

Celebrate Austen's first birthday!

Jay's hernia surgery  :(


Pumpkin patch!

Get to see this sweet pumpkin for the first time!

Mommy and Daddy trip to Ole Miss vs A&M game!

Halloween Party!

Halloween with our zookeeper and zebra!


Shout to the world that we are pregnant!

Meet cousin Sloan for the first time!

Meet one of my BFF's newest baby, Luke!

Meet my other BFF's baby, Ford!

 Wedding and a night out!

Zoo Lights!

Celebrate Anthony's birthday!




Company Christmas party

Meet Santa

Daddy's football game

 Santa's Wonderland

Cookie baking

Date night with the fam!

Moriarty Family 2nd Annual Grown-Up Dinner! 
Always a blast!

Christmas Eve and matching PJs!

 Mullet Christmas!
Moriarty Sons-in-Law

Family on Christmas!

Christmas Eve Family!

Christmas with Anthony's side!

Goodbye 2013. You have been incredible. Bring it on 2014. I know you will be even better!


The Joiners said...

It was a busy year for y'all indeed! Looking forward to reading about the adventures 2014 has in store for your family of FIVE!

Brittany Sciba said...

Love this! It's so fun to see how much the kids have grown! 2014 will be such a great year for y'all!!!