Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

I never posted about Christmas.

Mainly because it was a whilrwind of non-stop for about two straight weeks. Michelle came in the week before, then Kiki and her family, then we had nonstop Christmas family activities, then we had Christmas, then we went to see Anthony's family, then we came home and slept for 10 days. Just kidding on the sleeping part- though I wish it was true!

We had the BEST year yet! I loved getting to see every single person of both sides of our families. We are so blessed with such loving parents and siblings and nieces/nephews. We are so thankful for the memories and traditions we build each year. And we are so thankful that we are so blessed to celebrate how we want!

Most of the rest of this post will be pictures... :)

Decorating the tree

Santa's Wonderland

 Lunch with Santa at church

Mom/Daughter day! 
A fun tradition (and the thing that makes me look most forward to having daughters!!!!)
Sidenote- this year my dad started a Father-in-Law/Sons-in-Law lunch! So cute!

Christmas Lights in Prestonwood!

Cookie baking with the cousins at my parents' house!

CK just ate the icing by the spoonful :/

Second annual Moriarty grown-up dinner! 

My guy!

Christmas Eve this year we surprised my mom with a tacky sweater attire!
Some of us may have gone shopping in her closet! :)

Seesters on Christmas Eve

Jay and his PawPaw (whom he is VERY much alike!)

My parents and their grands! 7 total plus two on the way!!!

Daughters and grands!
(CK would take Michelle as her mom if possible- she didn't leave her side all week!)

Family on Christmas Eve!

Matching PJs!

Cousins in matching PJs!

Christmas Day! 
The sons-in-law and their mullets!

Christmas morning!!!

Christmas morning sleepy!

A favorite new gift!

Fam on Christmas Evening

Squillante cousins!

Always thankful for the holidays- despite the non-stop chaos and fun times, I'm always a little thankful it's over and we can resume normal life, too! There is just something about our little world that makes me extra happy! :)

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