Sunday, January 5, 2014

20 Weeks with #3!

Yikes! I'm halfway through this pregnancy. Just like that it's flown by- and I'm totally baffled as to where the time has gone!

I am feeling really really good. I love this part of pregnancy! I love feeling her move every day (did I mention I felt her move about three weeks ago?? I think I forgot to blog about that!). Those little kicks and stretches are just a beautiful reminder of this precious girl growing away inside of me!

My belly has definitely POPPED out and there is no question I am pregnant! It's HUGE! I am feeling good energy-wise. Eating and sleeping are no problem, either! I remember having bouts of insomnia with both of my previous pregnancies. I think once you are on your third pregnancy you are just too exhausted to have any sort of insomnia! Ha!

I am not exactly sure of total weight gain, though I know it's low. I lost 5 lbs between 12 and 16 weeks (I always lose and that on top of that awful stomach bug really did me in). But I have more than made up for it now from weeks 16-20. I'm guessing I'm at +6 for this pregnancy (you would think I would just go get on the scale in our bathroom to check- too lazy!).

Clothes are half maternity-half regular. Most of my jeans and pants still fit (thank you low-waist styles!). Most shirts still fit, though are getting a little short near my belly. I still rock the workout pants and tops a lot which is great because those always fit! :)

No major cravings, no major feeling weird- just trekking along with this one. Sometimes (most days) I forget I'm pregnant because there is just little time to think about stuff like that. Then I get a few little kicks and it's like baby girl is shouting, "Don't forget about me!"

Jay and Charley are just so sweet already to this baby! Jay LOVES when I tell him about her kicking and moving. He finds it fascinating. He often rubs my tummy or kisses it or hugs it and says that he loves her. He is just the sweetest. Charley loves to tell other people about the baby in my tummy that's kicking me. She gives lots of hugs and pats and kisses and snuggles, too. It's precious. She also just started lifting her shirt up and telling me she has a baby in her tummy and that it's kicking her! Ohhh the things they notice! :)

We are pretty sure we are set on a name, but aren't quite decided on the perfect middle name just yet. So we will be telling that in the upcoming weeks! Yay!

Here is a belly pic from all three kids!

Jay on the left, Charley on the right

(I know it's hard to tell because of the outfit. Plus, forgive the flyaway hair and the flat butt- I swear my butt is not THAT flat!!!!)


Jenni said...

Lookin' great, Mama!! Glad to know I am not the only one who "forgets" I am pregnant very often!

Kate said...

You look great!!!

Meagan said...

+6 at 20 weeks! :) I am pretty sure with both I was at +20 at 20 and that includes wicked morning sickness. Both girls, I gained 46 pounds on the dot. WHOOPS! You look great and it sounds like baby #3 is treating you wonderfully! Excited to hear her name!

Casey Charles said...

You look awesome! Love these posts!