Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (except I'm wordy)

I've never done a Wordless Wednesday. Maybe I have, but it was just so long ago.

I guess technically I have already disqualified for a Wordless Wednesday since I'm talking now. Oh well. Here are some recent pics that I want to have here for my future blog book!

Decorating Our Tree

Tea Party with Daddy

Lunch with Santa at Church

I mean, c'mon. Love these people!

Jay's happy place! 
Huge stuffed animals at Costco. 

 Christmas Sing-a-Long at School!
Charley was a little stunned at the number of kids and parents there!

Jay and his classmates

Ummm, yeah. This girl is a monkey. 

Can you tell which one is the real animal??

My little chef. 
He calls this his muffin man hat. :)

My children and one of their favorite places to play! 

Our elementary school has a football tournament where four teams of dads play each other. 
It's all neighborhood guys and they are divided by areas of the neighborhood. 
We watched Daddy play for the south (we won the first game! Playoff on New Year's Day!). 
It was SO fun to watch Daddy play football again even though it was SO SO cold outside! 

Before Anthony's team Christmas Party. Love!

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