Monday, December 2, 2013

Pulling the Plug

Well, we finally did it- we are officially pacifier free at our house!

This was something I have been dreading for a loooong time. Jay hasn't gone one day in his whole teeny life without one, and he is very very attached to them! Charley asks all throughout the day for them (even though they only get them at nap and night). 

I knew at a little over 3 years old it was time. The dentist confirmed that this summer- he said no later than 3.5 it needed to be gone to prevent damage to Jay's mouth. I also knew that it would be so hard to take Jay's and not Charley's, and if I was going to have to take hers away at some point, I'd just rip off that bandaid and do them together. My goal was October, but that came and went in a flash!

So I set my sights on Thanksgiving. Anthony would be home for four straight days so he would be around to help (aka not give in when I wanted to!). He would also be available to help out at night when I knew they'd wake up and ask for it. I also knew that with my (almost) whole family in town, it would be plenty of distractions for the kids. 

I actually started prepping them for this day during the summer. After the dentist visit, I told Jay we would be getting rid of pacifiers "one day." As it got closer I told both kids that "soon" we would have no more pappies at all. We did this for a few months- just preparing them over and over. The week before Thanksgiving I started a countdown on how many days we had left of pappies. 

We also started talking about what we wanted to do with them. We talked about throwing them away (not a good option according to Jay!). We talked about giving them to Baby Ford (my best friend's newest baby). Jay decided he wanted to keep them for his new baby. It was a deal!

The morning of Thanksgiving we woke up. I let the kids have them as they were waking up while they sat on the couch just like every other morning. I still didn't have a plan other than just taking them away. 

So I finally got the courage and told them it was time. I went to get a ziplock bag to put all of the ones from our house in (terrible sentence structure, I know). Jay requested a box, so I grabbed a shoebox and we all went "pappy hunting" around the house. We collected from a ton of different places. Once we were finished we all clapped and I took the box into my room (and put it in the back of a drawer). Then I cried. Yup, that's right. Both kids were being so sweet and so brave. I was so proud of them! And it was a big deal! The end of a chapter- the end of "babyhood." Plus, I'm 15 weeks pregnant. That kind of stuff makes a prego girl emotional! 

The morning was totally fine. Charley actually woke up at 5:20 that morning (!!!!) so she needed a morning nap. It was go-time. She was crying and fussy because she was so tired. Then she asked for a pappy. I told her we packed them all up for the baby- and she wanted no part of that explanation! So I asked Anthony to take her upstairs and put her down. It took a while and she cried some, but she went down and slept for a while (yay!). Jay went down very easily for nap and never asked for it! Score! One hurdle down- a dozen more to go. 

The rest of the day went great (and we had a great Thanksgiving!!). Bed time was something I was dreading. Charley went down very easily and never asked for it. 

I took Jay up to bed and he asked for it. I told him we put them in a box for baby. "But that makes me angry and sad mommy." Ahhh- that was my fear! Then he asked where I put the box. I was not prepared for this question! So I told him the first thing that popped in my mind- that the pappy fairy had come and taken them away and was going to hold them until our baby came. He thought on it for a second, and decided that was a good explanation. Then he asked where she lived- and I told him in a secret place with Santa and the Easter Bunny. He liked that idea a lot. Considering I was running out of ammo, I quickly changed the subject and told him we could look up a video about it. I searched YouTube and found a silly Elmo one. He loved that and we watched it a few times. Once that discussion was over he was fine- but it took him over an hour to fall asleep!!!! Eesh! 

The next few days were absolutely painless! Charley only asked for it one more time and was totally fine with the explanation of us packing them up in a box. They have loved telling my family and our friends that they packed up their pappies for baby and that the pappy fairy came. Of course, everyone's reactions affirm their being brave, so they LOVE talking about it. Both kids have napped and slept very well and the second night Jay fell asleep in about fifteen minutes! 

I cannot even stress how thankful I am that this process went so smoothly! I have been so stressed out for months about this- I have literally prayed several times a day about this- for a LONG time. God definitely answered my prayers- and took care of us! 

One of the things that helped us the most- we prepared them a LOT for it! We talked about it often and there were no surprises. This paid off greatly! 

Anyway, in honor of this momentous occasion, here are a lot few cute pappy pics of my kids...

Jay- 2 days old

Jay- gangsta style

Jay- so tired... can't keep it in!

Jay- 9 months old... pappies and playing naked are perfect!

Jay- 14 months old- Halloween!

Jay- 16 months old- Christmas... can't have too many pappies!

Jay (17 mos) and Charley (1 week old)
It begins... 

Charley- newborn with MeeMaw

Charley- gangsta style!

 Charley- 4 months old- smart pappy

Even Tex became addicted to pappies!

Jay- nothing helps a scraped face like a pappy!

Jay- mad skillz

Charley and Jay- last season when the Texans actually won!

Charley- pretty shades and coordinating pappy 
(and we weren't driving yet... don't panic about her seatbelt!)

Charley- her favorite things to sleep with... pappy, blankie, baby

Bedtime snuggles in Austin (and creepy eyes)

Charley- always has one, too!

Jay... those smirking eyes!

Jay- more mad skillz

Bye bye pappies- you've been real! And I mean that... we got through a LOT of sleepless nights and wanting-to-nurse-round-the-clock times because of you!!! 

Ps- Thanks to my husband and family for all their help and support with this. Though Jay was "old" for a pacifier, they never made him feel bad for having one. Many people had their opinions about our kids still using them- and weren't afraid to voice those opinions. Luckily Anthony and I didn't care what they had to say about it and let them have them until we thought it was time. I'm so thankful for a partner through all of this who is on the same page as me! And thanks to my fam for all the distractions this past week! It was incredibly helpful!


the blogivers said...

You go, Mama! Way to be brave. I remember dreading taking Davis's away and I'm sure one day I will dread taking Avery's away... those pacifiers sure are magical :)

The Scott Family said...

No judgement here girl! Max have his up on his 4 th birthday after a massively failed attempt at two:). And his teeth are fine..used it in bed. I do not know why people care so much about the paci thing...every parent has their few "crutches". I think it is awesome how well they adapted! Took Max a lot longer than that.

Jules said...

We are in the exact same boat. My goals was to take the pacis away over Thanksgiving, but Bennett had the stomach flu and I just couldn't do it!! I'm a nervous wreck over this, but it's time!!! I'll keep you posted :)
And, way to go Jay and Charley!!!

The Torno's said...

Woot! Tyson had his until he was 3.5 or even 4 so I feel ya! Glad it's going well so far!

The Moriarty Family said...

no judging here! I think one of the best things about parenting is there is no right or wrong way to do anything. Momma knows best, and I really mean that. Having a partner that is on the same team as you is all that matters, too! Go Jay and Charley!

Jenni said...

Wahoo!!! Good job J and C! (and mama and daddy of course!) Now...think I can convince my C to put his thumb in a box for the baby?! I still haven't figured out how to tackle that one...people keep telling me he'll do it on his own when he's ready, but I'm nervous!!

Brittany Sciba said...

We are in the same boat!! Reid loves his!! I will get around to it one day. ;) Love the last picture of Jay! So funny!