Monday, December 16, 2013

Holly and Not So Jolly

Ahhh... Another year of meeting Santa has come and gone.

And I worked hard to make this picture taking experience more pleasant than last year. I really talked Santa up this time around. I prepped the kids for sitting on his lap, we talked about how to ask him for presents, we said hi while waiting in line... I thought I was golden. I might have even bribed them with a Memorial Bakery cookie if they just looked at the camera! 

We took pictures before while waiting our turn and giggled and sang and laughed. My mom came with us (a tradition now) and they loved having her there as a safety net. They had their adorable outfits on.. It seemed that we were locked and loaded and ready to go.

 And boy was I wrong...

A close up of the chaos. 

Jay was NOT having sitting on Santa's lap. As soon as we got two feet away Charley started screaming like Santa was a grizzly bear. I mean, we got what we got. Then I whisked Charley off of his lap and Jay followed. As soon as we got to a safe distance Charley asked, "I get my candy cane?" almost at the same time as Jay asked, "Did I look at the camera? Can we go to Memorial Bakery now and get a cookie. I looked Mom!" Oy.

Charley got her candy cane and Jay indeed looked AT the camera. Apparently next year I need to be more specific and request a smile as well.

Char's method of eating cookies... Scrape the icing off with her teeth. 

Oh well, memories were made and I can say with certainty that I will be paying for another year of therapy for terrorizing my children.

In case you needed any additional laughs for the day, here is our history of Santa pictures, beginning when Jay was 4 months old. Enjoy.

Jay 4 months old

Jay 16 months old

Best picture of all (can you guess where Mom was standing?)
Charley 10 months old, Jay 28 months old (2.3 yrs)

Charley 22 months old, Jay 3.3 yrs old

Happy Monday, friends! 


Jenni said...

Crying Santa pics are my favorite. Does that make me "messed up" in some way? Next year, we'll have one more sweet one to work with, too!!

the blogivers said...

Ditto Oliver - crying Santa pics are the greatest! The 2010 and 2011 shots are great, but the 2012 and 2013 pics are priceless :)

Jules said...

I LOVE those pictures! And, I would do just about anything for a Memorial Bakery cookie! Yum! :)

Brittany Sciba said...

The 2012 picture is seriously amazing. It needs to be submitted to a magazine or something!!

The Kerr Family said...

The 2012 picture is awesome! I can't stop laughing

The Torno's said...

I'm sorry, but I LOVE these pictures. I told someone while we were in line for Santa the other day that the crying pics are way better than the "fake smile" pics. You'll see mine soon, it's WAY more boring than yours!!

The Moriarty Family said...

HAHAHA! Jay is officially a gangsta. SO funny! 2012 still makes me laugh so hard. Yalls pics are the best, seriously!