Friday, December 20, 2013

Another Look Back, Part 6

Written 10/22/13

I had another ultrasound today. I tell you what, there is NOTHING better than seeing your sweet baby on that screen.

I am 9w5d today. It was probably one of my favorite ultrasounds to date. That teeny tiny baby is so perfectly formed and actually LOOKS like a baby now (goodbye Gummy Bear!). Arms and legs and a pretty normal body. And it has so much room in my uterus. Baby was seriously dancing and wiggling all over! I have NEVER seen anything like this before! I have seen my other babies move and stretch, but this was different. It's like it knew we were watching and was totally performing! Seriously, turning circles and waving arms and legs- it was SO SO cute! Even Dr. M was giggling and said, "Seriously?! This is one of the funniest and cutest ones I've ever seen!" It was hard to get measurements because baby was so wiggly! So fun!

We eventually did get some good measurements and baby is on the big side now- measuring a little over 10 weeks. Heart rate was a solid 166 and everything else was developing nicely!

Other things...

I'm totally loving apples this go round. Each kid has left me craving something different. Jay was watermelons, Charley was bell peppers (which I had never eaten before in my life!), and this one is apples. I just can't get enough of them!

Weight gain? Our scale broke, so I'm pretty sure it's just been a few pounds (like 2-3 so far). Doctor's appointments are showing that, so I'll stick with it! The thing that is amazing to me is how early I'm "showing".. I know it's not real showing, but my tummy is already sticking out some (despite my best efforts to suck it in and hide it under baggy shirts!). I feel confident that those around me who see me often probably know, but we're not quite ready to tell... A few more weeks..

Eating is ok... Like most first trimester girls all I want is starch and cheese- bland bland bland. But I will throw a crazy twist in there every once in a while! I can't eat much at meal time (which is always so disappointing after I cook!). So I'm sticking with several smaller meals a day. I also can't drink too much water at once (even though I'm PARCHED constantly) or else it makes me super sick to my stomach. The only drink that I can have in larger quantities that doesn't make me ill is Gatorade (yellow only). So weird.

No throwing up- just typical terrible nausea on and off all day long. I am super duper beyond exhausted though and all I want in life to lay in bed and sleep (and we all know how successful that is with two toddlers!). So I just try to make it through the morning and get to nap time (which I definitely take every day- I can't make it through without). And once I get a little snooze in then I can make it through the afternoon and crash at bed time.

I'm cooking regularly still, though there have definitely been more nights of takeout recently (and by more I mean maybe one meal every two weeks). I just don't have the energy!

Coffee and caffeine in general are just sounding terrible to me. Anytime I try to drink it, I get so sick after one sip. So this is causing some sweet headaches and major lack of energy. I'll sometimes have a small Dr. Pepper in the afternoon to get me through the day, but even that doesn't usually sound very good.

All in all things are going very well. I'm so thankful to have pregnancy symptoms like this because it reminds me that I'm pregnant and shows me that things are going well.

Until the next update... 

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