Friday, December 13, 2013

Another Look Back, Part 5

Written 10/8/13

We had our first doctor's appointment today! I was super anxious about it, so I was grateful to have Anthony there with me. Even though this is our third kid, the butterflies are still there and the excitement ever present! Don't you ever forget that, Baby S3!

Luckily we were called back quickly. A little weighing, a little cup-peeing and we were in a room. That monster of an ultrasound machine was in the room (you know, the one with the WAND) just staring at us as we walked in. 

Anthony and I nervously made small talk about Jay and Charley's morning drop off and waited for Dr. M. 

Luckily we didn't have to wait long. After a breast exam and the usual exam (which Anthony quickly popped up by my head like the pro he is), it was ultrasound time. My anxiety shot through the roof and I have no doubt my blood pressure would have been sky high if she would have checked it then. Part of me wanted to shout, "Wait! Don't start yet!" for fear of knowing that something might show up wrong on the machine.  

But she started and right away I saw the most beautiful and perfect beating heart in the middle of my baby. I shouted, "There it is! Look at that beautiful heartbeat!" with tears in my eyes. 

Anthony squeezed my hand so tightly and I knew what that squeeze meant- he was praying. I know his different squeezes now and I knew without a doubt he was thanking God for that precious life inside of me. 

We measured the baby (right on par at 7w5d- exactly what I should be!) and the heart rate (169!). 

She let us watch our baby for a while and I'm so thankful for that. There is just nothing as precious as getting to see your baby for the first time. I love that little gummy bear! We had a perfect view of all the limbs and head and body and sac and everything. 

I remember this moment so vividly with each of my kids. There is something so special about being in a quiet, dark room with the man you love seeing something God used you to create. Tears with each child- each one just as precious and loved as the others. I truly hope I never forget these moments. 

After we finished up we chatted with Dr. M and talked outlook and all that. Anthony asked if we still had to wait until 20 weeks to find out the gender. I pointed to a sign above Dr. M's head that said they do a gender-only ultrasound at 15 weeks now. I was so excited to know we could find out 5 weeks earlier! And then Dr. M interrupted me and said, "Actually, we now offer the very reliable blood test at 12 weeks!" Anthony cheered and laughed and my mouth dropped open! In FOUR short weeks we could find out (with virtual certainty!) what we were having?!? OHMYGOSH!!!! 

So we said our goodbyes and thanked her (she is seriously the most incredible doctor- she was genuinely so excited for us!). She decided she would like us to come back in two weeks for another "peace of mind" check to be certain all is well, then again at 12 weeks for the major screening. 

We left on such a high. It was the perfect start to a much-desired pregnancy. I wanted to spend the rest of the day shouting my good news to all around me. That is the hardest thing about this- waiting. But we will wait, and continue to trust. 

God is so, so good. 


the blogivers said...

Gummy bear is the perfect way to describe how they look on those early ultrasounds!! Glad it showed a healthy little baby :)

Brittany Sciba said...

This is such a sweet post!! I love the part about Anthony's different squeezes (that sentence sounds funny - ha!). That is so sweet!

The Moriarty Family said...

Love this post so much. What a special special time. AND this is just got me really excited to know Dr.M is doing 12 week gender testing and the 15 week ultra-sound. VERY cool.