Monday, November 4, 2013

Updates and Such

So remember a long time ago when we started both kids in gymnastics and Jay hated it and we were all miserable? Do you also remember how Charley was having a hard time going to school? If not, here's a quick recap...

Now for the updates...

A little while back Jay's preschool sent home a notice about after school tumbling. Ahhh... where was this info at the beginning of the year when I was looking!? This is exactly what I was wanting- and the best part- I didn't have to go to the class if I couldn't make it! They took them straight from class to the gym where they had instructors waiting to help them. So I signed him up in a heartbeat and withdrew him from the "scary nastics" as he called it.

Day 1- He was totally stressed out about going. He was afraid that it was going to be like the other place, and was crying and sick to his stomach all day (I got a call from the director of the school). So Charley and I went up early, met him at his class and walked with him and the rest of the kids and the coaches to the gym. I sat by him the first half of class and did what he did (Charley did, too- and had a freakin' blast!). The coaches were incredible. They urged me to stay with him until he was comfortable, told me not to make him do anything he didn't want to do- they were so great. They were kind and hands on and knew exactly what they were doing and what the kids needed. I haven't breathed that big of a sigh of relief in a while. Jay picked up on this right away and quickly acclimated to doing things on his own. He'd still give me a thumbs up when he would complete something. So cute!

Charley, on the other hand, was a bear! She wanted to participate and do everything, and it was a disaster trying to keep her off the mats and keep an eye on Jay. I was so frazzled at the end. Ugh!

Anyway, four weeks later and Jay is super duper happy. The first three times he panicked right before and cried, but the last two times he has walked in confidently. I haven't had to sit with him in a couple times. Last week he had a few moments in the middle where he panicked and refused to try something (which is absolutely unlike him- I think he is still scarred from the other place). Anyway, I pulled him to the side and basically threatened him within an inch of his life to participate. I told him if he chose not to participate then Mommy was leaving. The next time he shook his head no to his coaches I walked out to the waiting room (where he couldn't see me). I peeked my head back in and he was doing everything. Stinker!!!

I should also mention that he is not the only 3 year old kid who acts this way during class- I mean, they are three for heaven's sake!

Anyway, today was a MAJOR success. He had a BLAST! He did everything (and did it so so well!). He never said no, he volunteered to be first. For whatever reason a light clicked and I was seriously so proud of him. He is SO good at this kind of stuff. I am just learning that it takes a while for him to feel confident enough to do it on his own. He has always been this way with new things. It takes a while to adjust but once he's there he's in with both feet! Sounds familiar (ahem, Anthony). Anyway, I was bursting with pride today because of how much he put into it and how much fun he had because of it. Afterwards he walked over, chest puffed out, and said, "Mom! I did my best today! I WOVE gymnastics!" Precious precious child!

Black long sleeved shirt checking to make sure I'm watching!

Bear crawl

Jumping off the mat (so sad it's blurry!)

Log rolls (?) bright blue shirt


Now on to Charley Kate...

Oh man, it was a rough go to start the school year. I knew she'd love it once she got the hang of it, it was just getting there that took a while. She cried every single day when we drove into the parking lot for the first 3 weeks. Then we got better and only cried once we walked towards her classroom. For the first month+ I stayed anywhere from 15-45 minutes at drop off. The teachers encouraged this to help get her in the routine. Eventually it got shorter and shorter and she would cry less and less after I left.

Her teachers always say the same things, "Mommy will come right back!" They also have a signature dance at the end of the day where they play music and walk around the room shaking noisemakers. This signifies the day is over and mommies are about to come. For the longest time when I would talk to Charley about school, she would say, "Shake shake. Mommy come back." She knew.

Two weeks ago I took her in, knelt down by her chair (she ALWAYS goes to the paint first- always). I said, "Mommy is going to the store and I'll be right back." She fussed a TEENY bit (not crying) and for the first time did not chase after me. I knew we had made progress! A great report came back at the end of the day! Phew! The next day was the same! Score!

Last week and this week it has been perfect. I have walked her in and said, "Mommy is going to leave, but I'll come right back. Kisses?" She always kisses me and says, "Mommy be right back!" and continues to play (or usually paint) happily. Not even the slightest unhappiness.

I'm so so thankful she's doing so well! She LOVES it and just like Jay at this age, tries to tell me all about her day. "Wizzy push me. No Wizzy!" "Connor cry. Mommy come back, Connor!" "My Charyey paint punkin." Ahhh, sweetest little thing!

I am so thankful for her teachers. Those women are saints. Seriously. It takes a special person to work with 18 mos-2.5 year olds. They are the sweetest, most loving and caring women ever. I owe them BIG.

And because I bolt out and don't stay, I have no pictures of her at school, so here are some of my sweet princess :)

New favorite hiding place!


Visiting my best friend, Courtney (or as Charley calls her "Conekey")
 in the hospital after her third little boy was born!
Charley LOOOOVES her Conekey!

Because who doesn't love sitting in a doll stroller?

Diva cooking in her kitchen- check out her heels! Girl can wear them well! 


Gillian said...

So great to hear that both situations have improved for both kids! They are so adorable.

Sarah said...

Glad they are doing well!! And glad to hear other children need tim to adjust. Carter was the same way in his Sports class. UGh. It can be stressful.