Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some of the Deets- End of the Dreaded First Trimester

We are so excited to have made our secret public yesterday! It's been killing me to keep it in, but having something that very few knew about was also kind of fun.

Some details on this....

Due Date: May 22 (this is actually the day AFTER the last day of school- great timing, right!?)

How Far Along: I am 12w5d... at the end of the dreaded first trimester!

Speaking of the first trimester... I'm so glad it's over! Taking care of a three year old and 21 month old while you are pregnant is no joke! Though I'm pretty sure it's easier now than when I was pregnant with CK and taking care of a 10 month old!

I've had the typical first trimester stuff- total exhaustion (that's my biggest "symptom"), nausea (no vomiting- very thankful), headaches, tenderness, etc... Nothing that millions of women before haven't dealt with.

Sex (of the baby- ha!): We actually are DYING to find out! We took a blood test yesterday that will confirm the sex (the most reliable test out there!). We should find out in about 2 weeks- we are hanging on to the edge of our seats! I'm convinced it's a boy. I just feel so certain. We even have a boy name picked out!

Exercise/Weight Gain: Not gonna lie- I have felt like exercising ZERO until this week. I mean, going for a quick walk makes me ill! So while I haven't gained any weight (maybe a pound or two), I'm definitely flabby and gross. Thank the LORD that I'm feeling better and have been able to ease back into some exercise this week!

Cravings/Dislikes: In typical fashion, I just want lots of starches and bland foods. Cheese and cereal also sound amazing. I have been eating TONS of apples, which is pretty unlike me. I always keep them in the house and usually eat one a day. Fruit has been my best friend over the past 8 weeks- while veggies and meats sound pretty terrible. I am happy to report that everything is on the up and up and I'm definitely getting my appetite back and making some regular dinners again (no more plain pasta!).

So I think that's all. We have had so much fun this time around just enjoying every bit of this precious baby. I'm definitely showing which is so embarrassing considering I'm not far along at all. I've been sporting a crazy amount of baggy shirts and jackets. I know they say you start showing earlier each pregnancy, but this is just a little ridiculous. 13 week belly pic coming soon!

Here are some of the other pictures from the other day with the kids. They were the BEST sports while taking these! It was just them and me and we went to our backyard and snapped them. I love these kids and can't even imagine them as older siblings! Eek! :)

They did this on their own... 
Maybe they really did know they were taking over!

I wanted to be able to see their shirts... They turned out precious!

They put their arms around each other all on their own! 
They were too cute! 

Oh, and I've been secret blogging during the first trimester (there really wasn't anything overly exciting), so I'll be posting those "Looks Back" again soon!


the blogivers said...

So excited for you guys and can't wait to see what you're having! Love the pics!!

The Torno's said...

Congrats! The pics of the kids are adorable!

Gillian said...

Congratulations!! Such exciting news. So glad to hear you're feeling better. :)

Jules said...

Its kind of crazy how excited I am for you.... because I am so excited! And, I made sure to tell Ryan last night when he got home last night that you were pregnant. Kinda makes me want another too :) But, I'm just so excited for y'all! Those pictures of your 3 (!!!!!) kids are just precious!

Brittany Sciba said...

LOVE the pictures of the kids!!! They look so excited! Reid's birthday is May 23...May babies are pretty sweet! ;) Can't wait to hear what you're having! So happy for yall!

Jennifer said...


Jenni said...

Yeah!! I am so excited for you. I was 16 weeks yesterday, so we are about three weeks apart. I am glad you are feeling well. And tell me more about this blood test...I am jealous you will know what you are having before me!! Oh and third baby...def showing earlier here, too!