Monday, November 18, 2013

Not Gonna Play the Lotto Today

We had a super weekend that ended up coming to a crashing (literally) halt.

After a fun little Saturday (breakfast at a little cafe with the fam, playing at the grandparents' house, haircuts for the boys, lunch, naps, football watching) Anthony and I had a date night to a longtime family friend's wedding. My parents have known the groom's parents since before either of us were born, and Anthony actually got to know him separately in college and then became involved with a Bible study with the dad.

We had a great time because it was lots of family friends, church friends, my best friend, and Anthony's college friends. So perfect!

The Courtneys with her two week old, Ford!

My parents!

My guy
(PS- for some reason you can TOTALLY see my ombre hair here! Yes!)

We had so much visiting and we have the sweetest, most wonderful baby sitter so we knew our kids were in good hands. Good night out!

Towards the end of the wedding I started feeling super nauseous, but just attributed it to being tired. By the time we got home I could hardly stand- I felt so bad. I "slept" horribly that night because I was so nauseous and eventually threw up in the middle of the night. The next morning I woke up and was so so sick- and supposed to teach the 2's class at church. Anthony took the kids to church and our wonderful Children's Director covered for me. I was in bad shape. I threw up and slept on and off the rest of the day. I eventually called my OBGyn to let her know and they called in some meds for me. By that night I was feeling slightly better, though I hadn't been able to keep even a sip of water down. I knew that if I was still not able to take any sort of fluid in I'd have to get IV fluids the  next day (per doc), so I was hoping and praying it was just a 24 hour thing. I mean, I felt HORRIBLE. Luckily, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling NOT terrible- and I knew I was on the up and up!

As the kids and I woke up for the day on Monday, I still wasn't feeling great (but so much better than before). I had no energy to even make them breakfast (my sister was going to take Jay to school and my mom was coming to help with Charley). So I loaded up the car at 7:30 (PJs, barefoot, not even a new diaper) and headed out to find them breakfast.

As I'm sitting in the right turn lane at a red light, I totally rear ended the car in front of me (which caused them to hit the car in front of them). Nothing like a 3 car fender bender (that you caused) to start your Monday off right! So we pulled into a parking lot and preceded to wait AN HOUR AND A HALF with two hungry kids and a sick momma to get it all taken care of. Long story short, the middle car was a woman who was a jerk- freaking out, crying that I hit "her baby" (her car- not her real baby like the three of mine that were in the car), calling 911, and eventually claiming she was "hurt" and needed an incident report. The cop was awesome- totally on my side and calling the woman's BS. So was the insurance company.

Just to clarify- we weren't even going 5 mph- there is LITTLE damage to all three cars. No way that woman could have been hurt (especially after pacing the parking lot for over an hour and getting down and trying to play with my kids). They (she and her awful husband via phone) were mad there was no incident report, so then they claimed she was hurt so they could get one. By 9:30 they had already called the insurance and filed everything and was claiming injury and the need for a rental car. Ha!

By some stroke of hazy-minded genius on my part, I thought to take pictures of the insurance and license plates of everyone, then took pictures of all the cars and their damage. When the insurance company called to verify facts, they were SO happy to hear about the pictures to prove the case against this lunatic! Thank the Lord! So while it was my fault and I (our insurance) will have to pay, luckily this crazy woman won't get her way!

Here is the "damage" to her car...   ???
Definitely needs a rental, right?!

Anyway, needless to say, I'm NOT playing the lottery today. Yikes!

Oh- and I did call my doc to let her know about the little accident and at this point there is no cramping/bleeding/signs that should lead us to worry for little baby. Praise the Lord!


Brandi said...

How ODD..I got in a wreck too!!! It was totally MY fault! Maybe it's preggo brain, that's our excuse!

Sarah said...

OH my, totally something that would happen to me. You poor thing.

Julie B said...

Ugh!!! What a day! Hope you're back to 100% again- I'm so sorry!!!