Thursday, November 7, 2013

Letting Your Hair Down

So for the first time in several days, I straightened my hair and "did" it. This happens probably twice a week- the rest of the time it's spent in a ponytail. 

Why is this an oddity? Because  it was Jay's request. Last night I was taking him to bed and he looked at my hair (two days unwashed in a ponytail) and said, "Mom, take your hair out. I love when your hair is down." 

Ummmmm... What? 

As much as I wanted to, my hair was disgusting- and shower time was right after he went down. So I promised him I would wear it down tomorrow. 

CK woke up super early this morning (Daylight Savings- what what!) while Jay slept until 8:30!!!!!! But because of this it actually gave me time to straighten my hair. 

Jay woke up, came down the stairs, and walked directly to my lap where I was on the floor playing with Charley. He snuggled in for a bit. After about ten minutes he turned around and looked at me and had a HUGE smile on his face. Then he started stroking my hair. It was super super sweet. 

Oh child, if this is all it ever takes to make you happy, we are in for a good ride!

I love that boy... And his baby sister, too!


Casey Charles said...

Sweet boy! What a muffin and such a sweet Mama for complying!

the blogivers said...

Sweet guy :)

ChelseaSalomone said...

Ok I know pregnancy hormones are 50% to blame but I teared up reading this. HOW SWEET!!! It makes me feel so fortunate I'm going to get *TWO* of these sweet boys to raise!! Maybe being a boy mom isn't all lizards and snails after all....

Meagan said...

Jay and Preslie are just too darn alike. For about a month or two, Preslie has constantly requested my hair ti be styled how she likes it. It's super cute, but I must say, a bit more demanding than how lovingly Jay seems to make his requests. :)

The Moriarty Family said...

I love his sweet sweet heart. He and Jonah are the same. Jonah begs for me to "have long hair forever" while stroking it. God must have known we needed boys ;) Oh and, I have SO much to catch up on your blog!!! I know what I'll be reading tonight!!