Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013!

I super super love Halloween.

I loved it growing up- choosing the perfect costume, meeting up with sisters/cousins/friends, trick or treating (and eventually parties!).... Then I kind of lost the love for it in college and post-college. It was harder to come up with that perfect costume and then seeing most girls turn it into a night to see who could dress the skankiest just made it not fun to be out. Side note- I swear some girls use Halloween as an excuse to be as close to naked as possible. It's just so sad. I always tried to imagine the look on my father's face if he saw my costume. If he felt the need to look away, it was too much. Luckily, I never made it even close to that, but it never ceases to amaze me how these girls dress. Daddy issues I guess. 

Anyway, now that I have kids, my Halloween love has grown exponentially! This might be my favorite day ever to be on Facebook and Instagram. I love seeing the cute pictures of friends' kids, and I love the creativity that I so lack. 

This year the original plan was for Jay and Charley to be elephants. As I searched for the perfect costume, I realized there was no way Jay would wear a full headed costume. I showed him some options and he never liked any. 

So I started looking for ideas of costumes that had to do with animals. Our choices were a vet ("No mommy. That's not a good idea."), a circus trainer (the costumes were insanely expensive/hard to find!), a safari guide (possibility), or a zookeeper (possibility). I found some ideas and let Jay choose. He chose the zookeeper. Easy peasy.  

Now on to Char. I'm obsessed with coordinating costumes. I think it's fun all the time, but I also realize that by next year she will have an opinion of her own, so my time is limited! I knew she wouldn't love a big headress thing either, so we went for simple. I thought leopard print or zebra print would be the easiest to find, so after searching, zebra it was. And her stuff was so dang cute!!!!

I give you the zookeeper and the zebra!

Now, Tex also wanted in on the fun, so I had to include him...

We had a great night of trick or treating! The rain stopped and the cool front blew through. The weather was perfect! My darling husband got home thirty minutes earlier than promised (!!!!!!!) and my mom came over to watch. We had a yummy dinner and headed out!

(The family that Toms together..)

So both kids loved trick or treating!!! They were both into it, but Jay was SUPER into it! He'd run as fast as he could from house to house. He'd knock AND ring the doorbell and scream "Trick or Treat!" as loud as possible. He'd always announce what his costume was and what Charley's was. Then he'd scream thank you and head to the next one! 

This was Char's first time and she had a blast. She carried that pumpkin all over, matched up to each door and knocked, said "Trick treat!" and "My a zebra!" and then "Thank you so much!" at each house. Then she'd trudge to the next one. 

We hit about twenty houses and both kids walked the entire time! Charley had us carry her at the very end, but girl was on a mission! 

Jay could have gone to fifty more- he was SO into it! But we called it a night and headed home. We ate some candy and read some books and passed out candy (both kids loved this and tried to see who could give more! The trick or treaters loved that!). 

We finally called it a night, and both kids crashed! 

It was such a fun family night- I love nights like these where we build memories and have so much fun together. Can't wait for many, many more!! 


Jason and Jenny said...

Great costumes Courtney! They both look so adorable!

Brittany Sciba said...

So cute!! I may copy your idea for next year! ;)