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Another Look Back, Part 8

Written November 11, 2013

(This is the last of these looks back! Crazy it's already over!)

Well, we had our final first trimester check up today. It was another incredible appointment!

We had a high-tech ultrasound which was just amazing. We got to watch that precious child kick and dance and hiccup and move all over! We watched its little hand wave and its little legs stretch. We watched it arch its back and curl up in a ball. How someone could ever think that life doesn't begin in the womb is beyond me. That precious little heart was just beating away! It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen!

I won't lie- I was incredibly anxious heading into this appointment. I was just so so nervous. My heart was pounding and my eyes were teary as I laid on that table in the dark. I was so scared she wasn't going to see anything. But then that baby popped up and it was a little sigh of relief. Once it started moving I really did shed some tears. I was so relieved. I was so scared! I'm so thankful Anthony was there with me, holding my hand, and that he knew how anxious I was (and he was too).

I could watch my babies forever! I just love seeing their movements and what they are doing all crammed in that tiny space!

The ultrasound tech was great- and even had a guess at the gender. She said she knew it was early, but there was no evidence whatsoever of this little nugget being a boy!!! I about fell off the bed when she said that!!! ANOTHER GIRL!?!? I would have bet my right arm it was a boy!!!!! I was just certain! I definitely teared up and and Anthony was honestly speechless. I mean, he didn't move a muscle- except the fact that his eyes got HUGE. I actually nudged him and said, "Babe, are you ok?!" He just kind of nervously chuckled and said something like, "Wow. Didn't see that one coming!"

At this point we don't know for sure. I know a LOT of people who have had the ultrasound tech guess at the gender at 12 weeks and be proven wrong. We had the blood test today to determine the gender (most accurate test out there!) so we should find out in about two weeks! EEEEEK! I would seriously be shocked if it was a girl!

Plus, we had a boy name totally picked out! We are at a loss for girl names! I like certain ones and Anthony likes others! Oy...

Anyway, everything looked great- and so we told the social media world today! Because of how anxious we have been this pregnancy, we have told very few people. Only our immediate families and very very close friends. So a whirlwind started today when we unleashed the social media hounds- and that's always so fun. It just reminds you how many people out there care for your little one (or are just shocked that we CHOSE to have three kids three years old and younger!).

Today we also told OUR kids the big news! We knew this wasn't going to be a huge reaction, but we did want to tell them.

I pulled Jay on my lap and explained to him that I had a baby growing inside my tummy and that soon it would come out and be all of our baby. He got the cutest little wide-eyed smirk... then a full smile... then excitement! Then it was over! Ha! Every time we asked him if he wanted a baby brother or baby sister (or what he thought it was going to be), he said, "I want a baby brother AND a baby sister." Tough luck, toots!

And then Charley. We told her, and she just smiled and kept on playing. Ha! Didn't phase her at all! Though after the influx of babies recently in our lives, I'm pretty sure once the baby comes she will be all kinds of excited! That girl is a natural!

Anyway, that's all for today. I have a few (very grainy!) pics of our 12.5 week old baby in utero. Pretty cute if I do say so myself! (Oh, and a 160 HR and measuring about 4 days ahead of schedule...)

Sweet little side view

Little hand!

Frog leg!

Profile!! Love!

Arched back!

Face! Straight on view... 

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Blows my mind how much they grow from conception to 12(.5) weeks! Little miracle!