Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Look Back, Part 2

Written 9/16/13

Friday I went into the doctor to have some bloodwork taken- just to make sure things were progressing as they should be. I am never one to pass on an opportunity at making sure everything is alright. You wanna give me peace of mind? I'll take it!

Unfortunately, I had to wait three excruciating days to find out bloodwork results. I. Hate. Waiting.

This morning the sweet nurse called and told me everything looked "great" and my levels were just where they needed to be! She told me to come in Tuesday morning for another recheck.

I loved that phone call. I loved that she called at 8:30 am (and didn't make me call to find out results!). I loved that she started my day with such a positive.

Though waiting three days was definitely the worst part, the other horrible part of this was that I had to LIE to a friend (she reads this blog- so here is my confession!). We were set to have a playdate with our kids before her maternity leave was over. We got to the place and the kids were having a great time, and I got the phone call from the nurse asking me to come in right away- but definitely before the office closed at noon- to have some blood drawn and tests run. Of course I wanted to run out right then (leaving my kids in the wind!) and have it done, but reality was not that easy. I wanted to stay at the playdate. I also had NO CLUE how I was going to get out of this without sounding like a total jerk or telling a straight up lie. So I was selfish and told a lie. I'm so so sorry, friend!

Truth- Jay is set to have surgery in a few weeks for his umbilical hernia. Lie- I told her it was Jay who needed to have bloodwork done for the surgery. Cast me in hell now! Ack!

There was no way I could say, "I need to leave right away and have my blood taken" without her being suspicious that I was pregnant or thinking I had some awful disease (that I might have just infected her kids with). So I lied. I feel terrible. And I feel terrible that I threw Jay under the bus. I asked for forgiveness A LOT in my prayers that day!

Again, so so sorry. I'll make it up to you!!!! :)    I was going to invite y'all to meet up with us for lunch after the appointment, but I knew Jay would give us away, so we ate alone. Argh!

Another bad part of this? I had to take my kids to the appointment with me. No one (not even our family!) knew that I was prego yet, so I couldn't ask anyone to keep them without blatantly lying to another person. So I just sucked it up and took them. They were so so good. I was beyond grateful. Though I'm pretty sure Jay was traumatized watching a needle get shoved into his mom's arm.

A funny sidenote- once we told my parents, my mom yelled, "I KNEW IT!!!" I knew that she knew. I couldn't hide it. I was exhausted, moody, and just not normal. PLUS, Jay told her that we went to mommy's doctor and she got blood taken. My mom knows I would have asked her to watch the kids, or even told her about my appointment, on a normal day. So she definitely knew something was up. Ha! Little dude sold me out!

Anyway, thankful for some good news and looking forward to more!

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