Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Look Back, Part 1

Written 9/11/13

Today is an exciting day! We just found out that we are pregnant with NUMBER 3!!!!!

I actually am not supposed to start until tomorrow. But a few things got me thinking that it might be IT.

About five days ago, Tex started to glue himself to me. Like, follow me everywhere and not leave me alone. It's like he was hungry or needed attention all the time. But he didn't. He just wouldn't leave me. It actually made me think, "I wonder if I'm pregnant. I will need to make a mental note of this so that if I AM pregnant, it will make sense why he's being all weird." Well, that is definitely the case. Animals know, y'all!

And then today, I got the weirdest feeling. It felt like a ball of yuck in the pit of my stomach. Exactly like I felt when I was pregnant with Jay and Charley. Like I needed to eat to settle it. Not nausea, but not settled. Just weird. So I would snack. Often. Then it hit me that I really might be pregnant. I knew I wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow, but I really didn't want to get my hopes up, then start and be disappointed. So I decided to take a test. I'd rather know, then I could move on since I couldn't possibly be pregnant.

Well, in less than three minutes, two VERY pink lines popped up immediately! Just right away. No doubt. I cried. And thanked God about a million times. And then I had to go about my day as if it was no big deal. I came out of the bathroom and hugged my sweet babies so tightly. I am so so blessed. I get to be a mom- AGAIN! What a beautiful moment!!!

Jay actually asked to go to the special bakery near us and get a cookie. Normally, I would have said no- 4:30 on a random afternoon? I didn't need the sugar or the traffic. But today was different. Since I couldn't celebrate with them yet in a way they would know, I said, "You know what, Jay? Yes, we CAN go get a cookie! Get your shoes!" He was so stunned that I actually said yes! I kind of was, too! Ha!

I was in such a good mood and so were the kids! We had so much fun and they didn't even know why!!

This picture is so beyond awful of me- wet hair pulled back, no makeup, laughing... I look like a dude.
But Charley is SO cute in it! 

I wanted to figure out a quick way to tell Anthony. I am a terrible secret keeper with him. I just wanted to call him and tell him right then! I needed to share my news with SOMEone! But I waited. Selfishly, I wanted to see his face when I told him. I asked if they could whip up a baby cookie that I could give him that night. No go on that one... Boo.

So I came up with a little (lame) plan. There is a picture frame in our laundry room that has "I Love You Because ____" written on it (inside the glass). I use a dry erase marker to leave him notes (almost daily) about reasons I love him. It's the first thing he sees when he walks in the house after a long day.

Here is what he saw tonight!

So I got ready making dinner and a little while later his car pulled up in the driveway. I was SO anxious! I was holding Charley and Jay was playing with his animals in the den. The backdoor opened and I heard the familiar beep beep of our alarm. He walked in and I moved into the doorway so I could see him.

His face was precious. Big eyes, huge smile, and a laugh. He saw me and cocked his head to the side and said, "Oh babe!" We hugged and kissed and he said congratulations a million times. Then there were a lot of , "No way"s! We laughed and laughed about the thought of three and how crazy it was going to be. We had huge smiles all night, lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of good, quality family time.

It was such a special time for us- these are the moments that I will truly truly treasure.

So, here goes nothing! Baby number three- you are LOVED already!


Casey Charles said...

This is the sweetest! Loved the part about Tex! Congrats again!

the blogivers said...

Um, I don't think that was lame at all - clever and perfect! :) And I love that Tex was so clingy... sweet pup!

Gillian said...

So sweet! Congrats again!!

The Moriarty Family said...

This post brought tears to my eyes! So happy for the news of another precious blessing-- praying for your sweet growing baby.