Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another Look Back, Part 3

Written 9/29/13

So Jay just had his surgery. In case you want to reread about that exciting weekend, you can click here. Jay is post-op and not feeling good at all. Charley has had three days of fever. And Anthony had to go out of town last night (just for the night). Oh, and I'm 6.5 weeks pregnant- which means I'm exhausted and nauseous.

That's all. I just wanted to remember that I MADE IT THROUGH all this! Some might think I have nothing to show for it. But I know better than that! I know I did it! I know that Jay has felt loved and taken care of, I know that Charley has had LOTS of snuggles and mommy-holding time, and I know that baby #3 is snug as a bug and very happy to be close to his/her big brother and sister all weekend.

I also know that I. Am. Pooped.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Ummm... so yeah, we might have created a monster.

We have a wonderful housekeeper that comes to our house every Friday. She is an older hispanic woman that we love dearly- Mrs. Patricia. She has been with us for two years and we truly think the world of her. I love her, my kids adore her, and my husband loves the work she does (hard to please an OCD man- so when you've got a good one you hang on tight!).

We all love Friday afternoons after she comes. Everything smells good and looks good. We do a really great job of picking up on a constant-multi-times-a-day basis, so when she comes she does the deep cleaning (dusts the tops of fans, cleans the baseboards, etc...).

Ok, I digress- this post is not about defending why we have a cleaning lady, there really is a point to this...

So, since my kids still nap every day I find it somewhat pointless to make their beds twice a day (and since they can't do it, it would be all me). But Mrs. Patricia makes their beds. And she lines all Jay's animals up creatively. And apparently he loves it. Anyway, last week after she came, Jay climbed into a freshly made bed. And once he snuggled under, he said, "Oh mommy, I LOVE when MaTricia (Mrs. Patricia put together) comes. I love how she does my bed!" It was pretty cute. I explained that if he wanted to help out we could start making his bed everyday. But being that I'm pregnant and exhausted, nothing ever came of that.

Anyway, last night (not a Patricia day) he walked into his room for bed time and we flipped the lights on. All of a sudden he started saying, "Ohhhhh no!!!!! NOT AGAIN! Oh great!" Anthony quickly said, "Dude, what's the matter?!"

And Jay's response was priceless....

*huge SIGH*  "Our cleaning lady forgot to make my bed again today! Ugh!"

And that folks marks the beginning of our "learn to make your own bed" stage...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Look Back, Part 2

Written 9/16/13

Friday I went into the doctor to have some bloodwork taken- just to make sure things were progressing as they should be. I am never one to pass on an opportunity at making sure everything is alright. You wanna give me peace of mind? I'll take it!

Unfortunately, I had to wait three excruciating days to find out bloodwork results. I. Hate. Waiting.

This morning the sweet nurse called and told me everything looked "great" and my levels were just where they needed to be! She told me to come in Tuesday morning for another recheck.

I loved that phone call. I loved that she called at 8:30 am (and didn't make me call to find out results!). I loved that she started my day with such a positive.

Though waiting three days was definitely the worst part, the other horrible part of this was that I had to LIE to a friend (she reads this blog- so here is my confession!). We were set to have a playdate with our kids before her maternity leave was over. We got to the place and the kids were having a great time, and I got the phone call from the nurse asking me to come in right away- but definitely before the office closed at noon- to have some blood drawn and tests run. Of course I wanted to run out right then (leaving my kids in the wind!) and have it done, but reality was not that easy. I wanted to stay at the playdate. I also had NO CLUE how I was going to get out of this without sounding like a total jerk or telling a straight up lie. So I was selfish and told a lie. I'm so so sorry, friend!

Truth- Jay is set to have surgery in a few weeks for his umbilical hernia. Lie- I told her it was Jay who needed to have bloodwork done for the surgery. Cast me in hell now! Ack!

There was no way I could say, "I need to leave right away and have my blood taken" without her being suspicious that I was pregnant or thinking I had some awful disease (that I might have just infected her kids with). So I lied. I feel terrible. And I feel terrible that I threw Jay under the bus. I asked for forgiveness A LOT in my prayers that day!

Again, so so sorry. I'll make it up to you!!!! :)    I was going to invite y'all to meet up with us for lunch after the appointment, but I knew Jay would give us away, so we ate alone. Argh!

Another bad part of this? I had to take my kids to the appointment with me. No one (not even our family!) knew that I was prego yet, so I couldn't ask anyone to keep them without blatantly lying to another person. So I just sucked it up and took them. They were so so good. I was beyond grateful. Though I'm pretty sure Jay was traumatized watching a needle get shoved into his mom's arm.

A funny sidenote- once we told my parents, my mom yelled, "I KNEW IT!!!" I knew that she knew. I couldn't hide it. I was exhausted, moody, and just not normal. PLUS, Jay told her that we went to mommy's doctor and she got blood taken. My mom knows I would have asked her to watch the kids, or even told her about my appointment, on a normal day. So she definitely knew something was up. Ha! Little dude sold me out!

Anyway, thankful for some good news and looking forward to more!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

13 Week Bump

Just so my sweet #3 doesn't feel slighted (and so that you can see the size of my already BIG bump), here is my 13 week belly shot... Along with comparison ones...  :)

13 Weeks with Baby #3! Proof of the BUMP!

 13 Weeks with Jay (hardly anything!)

13 Weeks with Charley
(I'm so embarrassed by this picture- seriously?! How big was that tummy, how big was I, how awful do I look?!) 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Not Gonna Play the Lotto Today

We had a super weekend that ended up coming to a crashing (literally) halt.

After a fun little Saturday (breakfast at a little cafe with the fam, playing at the grandparents' house, haircuts for the boys, lunch, naps, football watching) Anthony and I had a date night to a longtime family friend's wedding. My parents have known the groom's parents since before either of us were born, and Anthony actually got to know him separately in college and then became involved with a Bible study with the dad.

We had a great time because it was lots of family friends, church friends, my best friend, and Anthony's college friends. So perfect!

The Courtneys with her two week old, Ford!

My parents!

My guy
(PS- for some reason you can TOTALLY see my ombre hair here! Yes!)

We had so much visiting and we have the sweetest, most wonderful baby sitter so we knew our kids were in good hands. Good night out!

Towards the end of the wedding I started feeling super nauseous, but just attributed it to being tired. By the time we got home I could hardly stand- I felt so bad. I "slept" horribly that night because I was so nauseous and eventually threw up in the middle of the night. The next morning I woke up and was so so sick- and supposed to teach the 2's class at church. Anthony took the kids to church and our wonderful Children's Director covered for me. I was in bad shape. I threw up and slept on and off the rest of the day. I eventually called my OBGyn to let her know and they called in some meds for me. By that night I was feeling slightly better, though I hadn't been able to keep even a sip of water down. I knew that if I was still not able to take any sort of fluid in I'd have to get IV fluids the  next day (per doc), so I was hoping and praying it was just a 24 hour thing. I mean, I felt HORRIBLE. Luckily, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling NOT terrible- and I knew I was on the up and up!

As the kids and I woke up for the day on Monday, I still wasn't feeling great (but so much better than before). I had no energy to even make them breakfast (my sister was going to take Jay to school and my mom was coming to help with Charley). So I loaded up the car at 7:30 (PJs, barefoot, not even a new diaper) and headed out to find them breakfast.

As I'm sitting in the right turn lane at a red light, I totally rear ended the car in front of me (which caused them to hit the car in front of them). Nothing like a 3 car fender bender (that you caused) to start your Monday off right! So we pulled into a parking lot and preceded to wait AN HOUR AND A HALF with two hungry kids and a sick momma to get it all taken care of. Long story short, the middle car was a woman who was a jerk- freaking out, crying that I hit "her baby" (her car- not her real baby like the three of mine that were in the car), calling 911, and eventually claiming she was "hurt" and needed an incident report. The cop was awesome- totally on my side and calling the woman's BS. So was the insurance company.

Just to clarify- we weren't even going 5 mph- there is LITTLE damage to all three cars. No way that woman could have been hurt (especially after pacing the parking lot for over an hour and getting down and trying to play with my kids). They (she and her awful husband via phone) were mad there was no incident report, so then they claimed she was hurt so they could get one. By 9:30 they had already called the insurance and filed everything and was claiming injury and the need for a rental car. Ha!

By some stroke of hazy-minded genius on my part, I thought to take pictures of the insurance and license plates of everyone, then took pictures of all the cars and their damage. When the insurance company called to verify facts, they were SO happy to hear about the pictures to prove the case against this lunatic! Thank the Lord! So while it was my fault and I (our insurance) will have to pay, luckily this crazy woman won't get her way!

Here is the "damage" to her car...   ???
Definitely needs a rental, right?!

Anyway, needless to say, I'm NOT playing the lottery today. Yikes!

Oh- and I did call my doc to let her know about the little accident and at this point there is no cramping/bleeding/signs that should lead us to worry for little baby. Praise the Lord!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Look Back, Part 1

Written 9/11/13

Today is an exciting day! We just found out that we are pregnant with NUMBER 3!!!!!

I actually am not supposed to start until tomorrow. But a few things got me thinking that it might be IT.

About five days ago, Tex started to glue himself to me. Like, follow me everywhere and not leave me alone. It's like he was hungry or needed attention all the time. But he didn't. He just wouldn't leave me. It actually made me think, "I wonder if I'm pregnant. I will need to make a mental note of this so that if I AM pregnant, it will make sense why he's being all weird." Well, that is definitely the case. Animals know, y'all!

And then today, I got the weirdest feeling. It felt like a ball of yuck in the pit of my stomach. Exactly like I felt when I was pregnant with Jay and Charley. Like I needed to eat to settle it. Not nausea, but not settled. Just weird. So I would snack. Often. Then it hit me that I really might be pregnant. I knew I wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow, but I really didn't want to get my hopes up, then start and be disappointed. So I decided to take a test. I'd rather know, then I could move on since I couldn't possibly be pregnant.

Well, in less than three minutes, two VERY pink lines popped up immediately! Just right away. No doubt. I cried. And thanked God about a million times. And then I had to go about my day as if it was no big deal. I came out of the bathroom and hugged my sweet babies so tightly. I am so so blessed. I get to be a mom- AGAIN! What a beautiful moment!!!

Jay actually asked to go to the special bakery near us and get a cookie. Normally, I would have said no- 4:30 on a random afternoon? I didn't need the sugar or the traffic. But today was different. Since I couldn't celebrate with them yet in a way they would know, I said, "You know what, Jay? Yes, we CAN go get a cookie! Get your shoes!" He was so stunned that I actually said yes! I kind of was, too! Ha!

I was in such a good mood and so were the kids! We had so much fun and they didn't even know why!!

This picture is so beyond awful of me- wet hair pulled back, no makeup, laughing... I look like a dude.
But Charley is SO cute in it! 

I wanted to figure out a quick way to tell Anthony. I am a terrible secret keeper with him. I just wanted to call him and tell him right then! I needed to share my news with SOMEone! But I waited. Selfishly, I wanted to see his face when I told him. I asked if they could whip up a baby cookie that I could give him that night. No go on that one... Boo.

So I came up with a little (lame) plan. There is a picture frame in our laundry room that has "I Love You Because ____" written on it (inside the glass). I use a dry erase marker to leave him notes (almost daily) about reasons I love him. It's the first thing he sees when he walks in the house after a long day.

Here is what he saw tonight!

So I got ready making dinner and a little while later his car pulled up in the driveway. I was SO anxious! I was holding Charley and Jay was playing with his animals in the den. The backdoor opened and I heard the familiar beep beep of our alarm. He walked in and I moved into the doorway so I could see him.

His face was precious. Big eyes, huge smile, and a laugh. He saw me and cocked his head to the side and said, "Oh babe!" We hugged and kissed and he said congratulations a million times. Then there were a lot of , "No way"s! We laughed and laughed about the thought of three and how crazy it was going to be. We had huge smiles all night, lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of good, quality family time.

It was such a special time for us- these are the moments that I will truly truly treasure.

So, here goes nothing! Baby number three- you are LOVED already!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finding a Ring

The other day we were hanging out playing at home. I was picking up intermittently while the kids watched TV and played toys.

At one point, Jay was sitting on the chair watching something on TV (Umizoomi maybe?) and said, "Come lay on me, momma so I can snuggle you." 

I have never moved faster. 

He put his sweet arms around me and situated us just right. Not a chance I was moving even if a hurricane was coming. I eventually pulled out my phone to take a selfie- I couldn't pass this up. 

I mean, are you kidding me?! We sat for a while and giggled and talked while we watched the show. I just relished the moment for as long as possible. 

Eventually we both got up and went about our playing/cooking dinner business. About thirty minutes after our snuggle session ended, he saw me pass through the room to drop something in the hamper. 

He called out, "I'm gonna marry you, momma!" 

I seriously wanted to die right then. I love that boy so much. I mean, more than so much. I feel like I know how much God must love us. My heart just bursts thinking about my children. 

Charley came over and we all three (four including Baby S!) snuggled a bit longer. Jay loved my reaction when he initially told me, so he said it a couple more times. Charley said it, too. Then I asked her if she was going to marry Daddy, and she shouted, "Yes!" So they just kept saying over and over, "I'm going to marry, Momma!" "Charyey marry Daddy!" 

Once Anthony got home and we all sat down to dinner, I said, "Jay, who did you say you were going to marry?" He replied mommy (and Charley piped in that she was going to marry daddy which just melted Ant). 

After a few minutes Jay furrowed his brow, and in a very upset tone said, "But I don't know where to go buy you a ring, Mom!" 

I mean, future-wife, you are a LUCKY lady! This guy has got it! 

Anthony chuckled and told him he would help him find a place. Jay was very satisfied with that answer. 

Lord, please don't ever let this little boy lose this. What a treasure he is. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some of the Deets- End of the Dreaded First Trimester

We are so excited to have made our secret public yesterday! It's been killing me to keep it in, but having something that very few knew about was also kind of fun.

Some details on this....

Due Date: May 22 (this is actually the day AFTER the last day of school- great timing, right!?)

How Far Along: I am 12w5d... at the end of the dreaded first trimester!

Speaking of the first trimester... I'm so glad it's over! Taking care of a three year old and 21 month old while you are pregnant is no joke! Though I'm pretty sure it's easier now than when I was pregnant with CK and taking care of a 10 month old!

I've had the typical first trimester stuff- total exhaustion (that's my biggest "symptom"), nausea (no vomiting- very thankful), headaches, tenderness, etc... Nothing that millions of women before haven't dealt with.

Sex (of the baby- ha!): We actually are DYING to find out! We took a blood test yesterday that will confirm the sex (the most reliable test out there!). We should find out in about 2 weeks- we are hanging on to the edge of our seats! I'm convinced it's a boy. I just feel so certain. We even have a boy name picked out!

Exercise/Weight Gain: Not gonna lie- I have felt like exercising ZERO until this week. I mean, going for a quick walk makes me ill! So while I haven't gained any weight (maybe a pound or two), I'm definitely flabby and gross. Thank the LORD that I'm feeling better and have been able to ease back into some exercise this week!

Cravings/Dislikes: In typical fashion, I just want lots of starches and bland foods. Cheese and cereal also sound amazing. I have been eating TONS of apples, which is pretty unlike me. I always keep them in the house and usually eat one a day. Fruit has been my best friend over the past 8 weeks- while veggies and meats sound pretty terrible. I am happy to report that everything is on the up and up and I'm definitely getting my appetite back and making some regular dinners again (no more plain pasta!).

So I think that's all. We have had so much fun this time around just enjoying every bit of this precious baby. I'm definitely showing which is so embarrassing considering I'm not far along at all. I've been sporting a crazy amount of baggy shirts and jackets. I know they say you start showing earlier each pregnancy, but this is just a little ridiculous. 13 week belly pic coming soon!

Here are some of the other pictures from the other day with the kids. They were the BEST sports while taking these! It was just them and me and we went to our backyard and snapped them. I love these kids and can't even imagine them as older siblings! Eek! :)

They did this on their own... 
Maybe they really did know they were taking over!

I wanted to be able to see their shirts... They turned out precious!

They put their arms around each other all on their own! 
They were too cute! 

Oh, and I've been secret blogging during the first trimester (there really wasn't anything overly exciting), so I'll be posting those "Looks Back" again soon!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Moving from Man to Man

Jay and Charley Kate are so excited to be outnumbering us soon! We can't wait to meet Baby #3 in May! 

We are officially moving from man-to-man to zone defense! We are beyond excited!! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Letting Your Hair Down

So for the first time in several days, I straightened my hair and "did" it. This happens probably twice a week- the rest of the time it's spent in a ponytail. 

Why is this an oddity? Because  it was Jay's request. Last night I was taking him to bed and he looked at my hair (two days unwashed in a ponytail) and said, "Mom, take your hair out. I love when your hair is down." 

Ummmmm... What? 

As much as I wanted to, my hair was disgusting- and shower time was right after he went down. So I promised him I would wear it down tomorrow. 

CK woke up super early this morning (Daylight Savings- what what!) while Jay slept until 8:30!!!!!! But because of this it actually gave me time to straighten my hair. 

Jay woke up, came down the stairs, and walked directly to my lap where I was on the floor playing with Charley. He snuggled in for a bit. After about ten minutes he turned around and looked at me and had a HUGE smile on his face. Then he started stroking my hair. It was super super sweet. 

Oh child, if this is all it ever takes to make you happy, we are in for a good ride!

I love that boy... And his baby sister, too!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Updates and Such

So remember a long time ago when we started both kids in gymnastics and Jay hated it and we were all miserable? Do you also remember how Charley was having a hard time going to school? If not, here's a quick recap...

Now for the updates...

A little while back Jay's preschool sent home a notice about after school tumbling. Ahhh... where was this info at the beginning of the year when I was looking!? This is exactly what I was wanting- and the best part- I didn't have to go to the class if I couldn't make it! They took them straight from class to the gym where they had instructors waiting to help them. So I signed him up in a heartbeat and withdrew him from the "scary nastics" as he called it.

Day 1- He was totally stressed out about going. He was afraid that it was going to be like the other place, and was crying and sick to his stomach all day (I got a call from the director of the school). So Charley and I went up early, met him at his class and walked with him and the rest of the kids and the coaches to the gym. I sat by him the first half of class and did what he did (Charley did, too- and had a freakin' blast!). The coaches were incredible. They urged me to stay with him until he was comfortable, told me not to make him do anything he didn't want to do- they were so great. They were kind and hands on and knew exactly what they were doing and what the kids needed. I haven't breathed that big of a sigh of relief in a while. Jay picked up on this right away and quickly acclimated to doing things on his own. He'd still give me a thumbs up when he would complete something. So cute!

Charley, on the other hand, was a bear! She wanted to participate and do everything, and it was a disaster trying to keep her off the mats and keep an eye on Jay. I was so frazzled at the end. Ugh!

Anyway, four weeks later and Jay is super duper happy. The first three times he panicked right before and cried, but the last two times he has walked in confidently. I haven't had to sit with him in a couple times. Last week he had a few moments in the middle where he panicked and refused to try something (which is absolutely unlike him- I think he is still scarred from the other place). Anyway, I pulled him to the side and basically threatened him within an inch of his life to participate. I told him if he chose not to participate then Mommy was leaving. The next time he shook his head no to his coaches I walked out to the waiting room (where he couldn't see me). I peeked my head back in and he was doing everything. Stinker!!!

I should also mention that he is not the only 3 year old kid who acts this way during class- I mean, they are three for heaven's sake!

Anyway, today was a MAJOR success. He had a BLAST! He did everything (and did it so so well!). He never said no, he volunteered to be first. For whatever reason a light clicked and I was seriously so proud of him. He is SO good at this kind of stuff. I am just learning that it takes a while for him to feel confident enough to do it on his own. He has always been this way with new things. It takes a while to adjust but once he's there he's in with both feet! Sounds familiar (ahem, Anthony). Anyway, I was bursting with pride today because of how much he put into it and how much fun he had because of it. Afterwards he walked over, chest puffed out, and said, "Mom! I did my best today! I WOVE gymnastics!" Precious precious child!

Black long sleeved shirt checking to make sure I'm watching!

Bear crawl

Jumping off the mat (so sad it's blurry!)

Log rolls (?) bright blue shirt


Now on to Charley Kate...

Oh man, it was a rough go to start the school year. I knew she'd love it once she got the hang of it, it was just getting there that took a while. She cried every single day when we drove into the parking lot for the first 3 weeks. Then we got better and only cried once we walked towards her classroom. For the first month+ I stayed anywhere from 15-45 minutes at drop off. The teachers encouraged this to help get her in the routine. Eventually it got shorter and shorter and she would cry less and less after I left.

Her teachers always say the same things, "Mommy will come right back!" They also have a signature dance at the end of the day where they play music and walk around the room shaking noisemakers. This signifies the day is over and mommies are about to come. For the longest time when I would talk to Charley about school, she would say, "Shake shake. Mommy come back." She knew.

Two weeks ago I took her in, knelt down by her chair (she ALWAYS goes to the paint first- always). I said, "Mommy is going to the store and I'll be right back." She fussed a TEENY bit (not crying) and for the first time did not chase after me. I knew we had made progress! A great report came back at the end of the day! Phew! The next day was the same! Score!

Last week and this week it has been perfect. I have walked her in and said, "Mommy is going to leave, but I'll come right back. Kisses?" She always kisses me and says, "Mommy be right back!" and continues to play (or usually paint) happily. Not even the slightest unhappiness.

I'm so so thankful she's doing so well! She LOVES it and just like Jay at this age, tries to tell me all about her day. "Wizzy push me. No Wizzy!" "Connor cry. Mommy come back, Connor!" "My Charyey paint punkin." Ahhh, sweetest little thing!

I am so thankful for her teachers. Those women are saints. Seriously. It takes a special person to work with 18 mos-2.5 year olds. They are the sweetest, most loving and caring women ever. I owe them BIG.

And because I bolt out and don't stay, I have no pictures of her at school, so here are some of my sweet princess :)

New favorite hiding place!


Visiting my best friend, Courtney (or as Charley calls her "Conekey")
 in the hospital after her third little boy was born!
Charley LOOOOVES her Conekey!

Because who doesn't love sitting in a doll stroller?

Diva cooking in her kitchen- check out her heels! Girl can wear them well! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013!

I super super love Halloween.

I loved it growing up- choosing the perfect costume, meeting up with sisters/cousins/friends, trick or treating (and eventually parties!).... Then I kind of lost the love for it in college and post-college. It was harder to come up with that perfect costume and then seeing most girls turn it into a night to see who could dress the skankiest just made it not fun to be out. Side note- I swear some girls use Halloween as an excuse to be as close to naked as possible. It's just so sad. I always tried to imagine the look on my father's face if he saw my costume. If he felt the need to look away, it was too much. Luckily, I never made it even close to that, but it never ceases to amaze me how these girls dress. Daddy issues I guess. 

Anyway, now that I have kids, my Halloween love has grown exponentially! This might be my favorite day ever to be on Facebook and Instagram. I love seeing the cute pictures of friends' kids, and I love the creativity that I so lack. 

This year the original plan was for Jay and Charley to be elephants. As I searched for the perfect costume, I realized there was no way Jay would wear a full headed costume. I showed him some options and he never liked any. 

So I started looking for ideas of costumes that had to do with animals. Our choices were a vet ("No mommy. That's not a good idea."), a circus trainer (the costumes were insanely expensive/hard to find!), a safari guide (possibility), or a zookeeper (possibility). I found some ideas and let Jay choose. He chose the zookeeper. Easy peasy.  

Now on to Char. I'm obsessed with coordinating costumes. I think it's fun all the time, but I also realize that by next year she will have an opinion of her own, so my time is limited! I knew she wouldn't love a big headress thing either, so we went for simple. I thought leopard print or zebra print would be the easiest to find, so after searching, zebra it was. And her stuff was so dang cute!!!!

I give you the zookeeper and the zebra!

Now, Tex also wanted in on the fun, so I had to include him...

We had a great night of trick or treating! The rain stopped and the cool front blew through. The weather was perfect! My darling husband got home thirty minutes earlier than promised (!!!!!!!) and my mom came over to watch. We had a yummy dinner and headed out!

(The family that Toms together..)

So both kids loved trick or treating!!! They were both into it, but Jay was SUPER into it! He'd run as fast as he could from house to house. He'd knock AND ring the doorbell and scream "Trick or Treat!" as loud as possible. He'd always announce what his costume was and what Charley's was. Then he'd scream thank you and head to the next one! 

This was Char's first time and she had a blast. She carried that pumpkin all over, matched up to each door and knocked, said "Trick treat!" and "My a zebra!" and then "Thank you so much!" at each house. Then she'd trudge to the next one. 

We hit about twenty houses and both kids walked the entire time! Charley had us carry her at the very end, but girl was on a mission! 

Jay could have gone to fifty more- he was SO into it! But we called it a night and headed home. We ate some candy and read some books and passed out candy (both kids loved this and tried to see who could give more! The trick or treaters loved that!). 

We finally called it a night, and both kids crashed! 

It was such a fun family night- I love nights like these where we build memories and have so much fun together. Can't wait for many, many more!!