Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend celebrating just about everything there is to celebrate!

It started with a long walk and playing at the park followed by Jay's best bud Wyatt's birthday party at Little Gym (a party which both of my kids were just absolute clingers! Argh!). Then, family time at Lupe Tortillas enjoying the patio breeze while the kids played. My nephew's football game which meant outside run around time for the little kids. A final swim in the pool after the game (last day to be hot enough I think!). Then a family cookout. Then to celebrate a sweet new baby. Then, more family hangout time. Then church and lunch and taking the dogs for walks. A little shopping and a yummy dinner at home enjoying the incredible weather.

God knows just how to remind us how incredibly blessed we are with weekends like these. We were so busy and it was nonstop, but being surrounded by family and friends never gets old. Add in some gorgeous weather and there is no way to argue that God is good!

My cleaner...

We were parked in a parking lot (don't worry!)
Pretending to be a big girl in cousin Jill's seat!

Pretending to be a big boy after his haircut!! 
SO in love with his cut!

The aftermath from our park trip... 
Stupid fireants...

Friday morning snuggles. 
They were so happy to see each other!

Girl LOVES to swing!

 Her favorite way to swing! 

This guy... (heart melting)

Love her love her love her!

Wyatt's party. Charley couldn't get close enough to him!

Wyatt's like, "Wait! I thought this was MY party!"

Think everyone was excited to see Auntie Michelle!?

All the cousins! What a crew!

Daddy/Uncle Tony reading books before bed!

Thankful for so much fun this weekend- and extra thankful my babies are back to normal! Phew!

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