Friday, October 11, 2013


One of Charley Kate's favorite past times lately is rearranging anything she can get her hands on.

I will walk in somewhere and find things that she has left in random places. While some might think it's tough to always be finding (and losing!) things, I find it quite adorable to see just what her mind is thinking. I just love seeing where she thinks things should go!

Anthony couldn't find his keys... 
Of course he should have checked in the cabinet with the diapers and puzzles!

 Her brother might be OCD with his animals, but this girl loves her shoes!
And why don't they belong in the barn?!

Rearranging this cabinet AND taking things from the fridge and putting them here.
So incredibly helpful!

Can't figure out an explanation for this one other than she was trying to get water for the dog??

Rearranging shelves at Academy. 
Whoever set them up clearly did it wrong!

And one of my faves (an oldie but a goodie!)...
Her shoes need a home, too! 

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Sarah said...

How funny! Little minds hard at work!