Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Yes, it's THAT obligatory time again... Pumpkin patch pictures.

And while I should apologize for blowing up your blog scroll with another "must post" Pumpkin Patch post, I really don't feel bad about it.  :)

My girl <3 font="">

I couldn't love these two more if I tried!!

My guy <3 font="">

When this is blown up it shows just how GORGEOUS his brown eyes are!! 


Girlfriend loves her some "chew chew" (gum).
I love how this shows how long her hair is getting!


Jay and buddy Cayden

Jay and Brooks

These four boys were in class together last year, now in class together this year, and will eventually all be at the same high school... We decided to take a "yearbook" picture for the future! 
Love these crazy buddies!

Meanwhile Charley was primping Baby Jude and making sure he was ready for his shoot!

This is so typical...

 And so is this!

And this...  :)

And for some comparison (because this is one of my favorite parts!!)....





Jules said...

OMG! 2011 Jay!
They are just perfect! And SHS better watch out with that fun group of boys! Fun times :)

Emily Peters said...


The Torno's said...

Adorable! I love their outfits too!