Sunday, October 27, 2013

Man, It's Good to be Back!

A little over a week ago, a blogger friend wrote about how she was doing a Bible Study and it called for her to simplify her media life. She and some other girls in her group did a little experiment where they all pretty much shut down the media in their lives- mainly through their phones. No texting, no Facebook, no Instagram, no email checking... It was pretty intense.

As I read her post on it, I caught myself thinking, "Man, good for her. But that is NOT for me. I could never do that, nor do I particularly want to do that. I would probably die." And since I wasn't reading the book and meeting regularly with girls who were doing the same thing, I didn't have to do it- thank goodness!

Now, let me backup a second. I'm not the mom who sits on her phone all day while she "stays home with the kids." I check Facebook only three times a day (as opposed to a jillion times throughout the day), and all of those times the kids are asleep (morning, afternoon nap time, and after they go down at night). Instagram I DO check often, but there is no real depth to those posts, so it takes a quick second to scroll through and like someone's picture. I do text often because it seems to be the easiest way for me to keep in touch with people (I often don't have 5-10 minutes to sit and chat and make small talk on the phone when my kids are home. They need my constant attention/supervision and I feel like since this is my job these days, they deserve that. I certainly wouldn't be chatting the day away on the phone if I was in the working world.).

Anyway, as I read my friend's post, I was amazed by her willingness to do this, but also thankful that I wasn't reading that book. Phew!

Well, last Saturday night as we were watching the Aggies get beat by Auburn (so depressing), my phone suddenly turned white. I could BARELY see some of the icons- enough to use the phone button and find my contacts, but not able to check email, texts, or any of the apps on my phone.

Yes, my phone has been through the ringer- that is indeed a missing home button (just popped off!) and a giant black spot covering the battery level. No clue what happened, but it was all messed up.

Anyway, we went to the AT&T store Saturday night to replace my phone. As we were sitting there, Anthony was fiddling with my phone and it just started working again. Perfect! I could hold out a little longer. We weren't due for an upgrade until next summer and I was boycotting getting a new phone for sheer principle. They charge you so much for stuff like that! Ugh!

So we went to dinner that night with some friends and as we were sitting there, my phone did the same thing- turned white all over again. Ugh! Of course it worked while we were in the store.

So we waited until it opened after church on Sunday (not until noon!). We sat there for over an hour (!!!!) and I was so mad how they were nickle and diming us that I took the kids to the car and left and made Anthony deal with it. They try to get you in every possible way (Ok, well, I just want the same phone- a 4- and no upgrade. Oh, now that particular phone is $500? Cool. Early upgrade fee plus new phone will be $750? Cool. So mad!). After calling the corporate AT&T line while he was in the store, Anthony talked some guy into waiving the early upgrade fee and bought the 5C phone ($99 instead!)- that's why he's great at his job. Way to go, Mr. Salesman.

But the catch- the phone had to be ordered and would take 3-5 days. Yikes.

So, here I found myself going through my blogger friend's exact media-free experiment but it was against my will. Isn't it funny sometimes how we think we are actually in control? I bet God just looks down and totally laughs at us and says, "Oh honey. You have NO CLUE what you need. Silly silly girl."

I guess God thought I needed to see what this was all about instead of thinking I couldn't do it at all. So for a week I could only use my phone as a phone. I could only make calls. I couldn't even see the caller ID to tell who was calling me. It was nuts.

Here I am on the other side telling you I survived.

And here are a few things I learned...

-I COULD survive without my phone being more than a phone. Did I particularly enjoy it? No.
-Facebook and social media was no biggie (though I did miss Instagram- I love people's pictures!). I am proud of myself for only checking FB when my kids are sleeping anyway- I made that promise to myself years ago.
-I missed sending a quick text here or there- or especially missed receiving picture texts (I had TWO friends have new babies last week and it was hard not being able to see their precious girls right away!).
-Email was fine. It's nice to send a quick reply if I can some days, but if it takes more than a few minutes, I will generally wait until the kids go down so I can really focus anyway. So this wasn't much different.
-I super duper missed the conveniences of having a smart phone. No map, no quick googling things... those were tough. Grocery shopping and not remembering what went in that one recipe is no biggie when I've got my phone. Taking dinner to two other new moms last week was tough when I realized the original map I routed was blocked off or took me a funny way.

So, basically, I survived. And it was really fine. But I'm so glad to be back to "normal" life with my phone. Just knowing it's there- like a security blanket.

Dang you, iPhone. I can't quit you.


the blogivers said...

Man, I could stand to do something like this... but I think it would take an act of God (like your phone situation) to make it happen :) And maybe setting out to do that the week I am going to give birth is not a good time?? But one day!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Awww!!! =) It's kind of nice (but also hard!) to discover we don't need our phones as badly as we think. I actually lost mine all day yesterday, and let me tell you- if this had happened before the experiment I would have been DYING. It was annoying, but not a huge deal. Thanks for the shout out and glad you're getting an upgrade for relatively cheap!