Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Funnies

I had a few things that I really wanted to remember from this past week or two!

Here goes..

-Last week Anthony was working late, so I fed the kids dinner earlier than normal. I put their plates in front of them. Jay looked at his (a meal he usually eats without issue), and said he didn't want it. I said, "Sorry, buddy. It's what's for dinner." He then said, "Mom, I think I need a timeout. I will just go sit in my chair." And he went. And stayed there. Sweet boy- he obviously felt like he had made the wrong choice. I eventually coaxed him out of timeout (since he didn't need to be there in the first place!). Ahhhh- first kids are so easy sometimes...

-Tonight at dinner Jay was going to the bathroom with Daddy in there with him (more on that next). Charley and I were sitting at the table. She was looking at the family pictures on our wall and said, "Jay handsome, Mommy. Jay handsome." Oh my goodness- it was the sweetest thing ever. Love love love! Then she said, "Charley handsome." I told her that Jay was handsome and Charley was beautiful. She said, "Charrey Kate bootiful. Mommy bootiful." She won the award for the day! Ha!

And the kicker.... (and a story Jay might hate me for publishing one day!)

-Jay was pooping during dinner tonight. The bathroom is right by our kitchen/breakfast area. I could hear him and Anthony talking while Charley and I finished dinner. After a while Anthony said, "Hey buddy. Are you finished yet?" Jay replied, "No, Daddy. I got more poops in there- it's in his house." Anthony and I both looked at each other and chuckled, and Jay continued, "He's sitting on his poop couch watching his poop TV."

We just about died laughing! What imagination!! That boy is so creative- and obviously this is not something we have EVER said to him (or even thought about ourselves!). Kids are incredible and this boy's mind is amazing!

Happy Friday! It's the weekend!!


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Cute stuff!!! I've been so bad about trying to write all those kinds of things down... there are so many. These kids are hilarious right now!!