Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This little girl's lack of fear never ceases to amaze me. Not only is she fearless, but she's actually very athletic as well, so put those together and the possibilities are endless (and frightening!).

Charley loves to swing on "big gool" swings now. Her favorite part is hanging backwards on them and swinging upside down.

She also loves walking on the big balance beam all by herself. She actually gets her hand in a fist and shakes it at me saying, "No mommy! Get back! I do it all bymyself!" Don't believe me on that phrase? Ask anyone who knows her- it's her very favorite saying  :)

Her other favorite pastime is riding the scooter. Not the "two year old" scooter Jay got for his birthday last year. You know, the one with a wide and steady base with three big wheels. Nope, not that one of course. She wants Jay's new scooter. The one that is faster and easier to turn. The one that "zooms" down the driveway with her on it! 

Since the weather has been so gorgeous, we have been outside every afternoon playing. All the neighbor kids are out (the next youngest to my kids is 5... then 8-13 years old). All the big kids zoom by on the scooters and Charley Kate wants nothing more than to keep up. She tries her best to stay with the big kids. Jay, on the other hand, happily scoots on his old scooter, just being as cautious as can be. He comes by that honestly, I'm afraid. I'm way more cautious than his daddy is/was. We just prefer our little safety net of not falling and getting hurt, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Here are two videos of Charley on the scooter. One she gets going pretty fast. The other she actually gets her second leg up and cruises a little. That little girl is just adorable I tell ya!

Keep in mind this little nugget is 20 months old today! 

I love this fearless girl and I love what you get with a second child! 


The Scott Family said...

She is a doll! Love her spunk:).

Sarah said...

WOW! Impressive scooter-ing! What a fun girl!