Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ADD or Just Super Tired?

Sorry for the lack of blogging! 

We went to the doctor on Monday and while Jay's post op stuff is looking good (but slow healing!), Charley Kate has an ear infection (I knew it!!). So on top of life in general, that's what I've been working with this week! 

We did get to Sprinkle my best friend and another one of my girlfriends this week. Courtney is having her third boy and Valerie is having her second girl. We are so thankful for our amazing Sunday School class and the women in it. Both of these girls have kids Jay's age (two of his best buds- Wyatt and Norah). We can't wait to meet their new babies- Ford and Fiona! Are they destined to be married or what?! 

Other than that, we are just trucking along! Just the usual days of hanging around, running errands, and Charley rearranging the fridge while I cook! 

Yesterday after I picked Jay up from his first day back at school, he got in the car and said, "Momma, I had a rough day today!" At least he was honest? 

I'm so excited for the weekend- both of my out of town sisters are coming in!! I love times like this! Sisters do something good for your soul! 

If this post isn't the perfect model of ADD, then I don't know what is! Happy Hump Day people! 

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the blogivers said...

Saw your sis from afar at Bible study today - hope you have fun with them this weekend!