Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three with Mickey!

So this year we had several birthday parties for Jay. Though I'm pretty sure that's the case every year with both kids. Out of town family, in town family, friends, actual day-of birthday, etc...

Usually we just have one big party (with friends/family that is in town) where I actually put a big effort into decorations and the like.

This year, I promised Anthony I wouldn't have any major birthday parties ($$) because we went to Disneyland for his actual birthday! Honestly, I'm so glad I did it that way! It saved me so much stress and craziness with our already crazy month of August. And I'm pretty sure Jay doesn't notice that stuff anyway. Have a candle and some presents and we're all good!

We started with having a party in Dallas with Anthony's side of the family. His grandmother/aunts were in town from Iowa, so we had a joint one for Grandma and Jay (both August birthdays). Grandma bought lots of decorations and got a cake, and of course there were gifts aplenty!

Napping with his new stuff. 

Then, we had the "actual" party at Disneyland (I won't post them all, again... just a few!).

Once we got home we had a Houston family party with the cousins/my parents. That one's so easy- pizza, cupcakes (store bought, baby!), and swimming! Always a great time!

Cousin Jill is always close by to help!

Big elephant from Grandeb!


My girl!
Naked, eating chocolate on a roller coaster. 
Love her. 

And finally,  we had a little party with a FEW of his closest friends. It's the friends I can call anytime to play or just hang out. The kids Jay has a BLAST with every single time. It's his little group. And I think it helps that I'm great friends with all the mommas! Ha! But really, these are the girls that I knew I could send an email to inviting them for a lowkey birthday party playdate. I knew they wouldn't judge for no invitations, or for homemade cupcakes, or pizza, or no decorations. I knew they would all just come over and celebrate Jay and we would all have fun. And we did!

The extent of my decorations!

My birthday guy! 

Yup, we played in the garage. Classy, huh?!

Love all these kids! 
And yes, they just ate on the ground/hard concrete. 

Love this! Sweet sweet friends to him! 

Such typical second kids... ha! 

Hello blue eyes! 

And we played inside! 

Jay-bird... You are a very loved little boy. I hope you always remember that. There are a lot of people who will always be there for you. I love you to the moon and back!


the blogivers said...

Glad he had such a great birthday! I wish I had someone to plan multiple fun birthday celebrations for me every year :)

Jules said...

You do birthdays the best way- fun and yummy! Looks like Jay had a great 3rd birthday. How are they already 3?!

J & J Brymer said...

Love your sweet three year old!

The Torno's said...

Happy Birthday Jay!