Thursday, September 26, 2013

This is My "Routine"

Tomorrow morning around 7:30 am, my sweet Jay will be having surgery to repair his umbilical hernia.

It's a relatively quick and easy "routine" surgery. Which is fine, but this "routine" happens to be mine.

This "routine" is my firstborn. He is the most wonderful little boy that I have ever seen. His giggles make me happier than anything in the world. His sister adores him. His parents would do anything beyond imaginable for him. He is 1/3 of my whole entire world. So what I would like to say his doctors and nurses tomorrow is, "While he is a routine surgery for you, he is our everything."

Jay was born with this. When his cord fell off, I showed my oldest sister in excitement. When she exclaimed, "Um, that's not normal" after seeing his belly button, I had no idea. While this has never been bothersome to him, we have kept a close watch on it. Kids notice and point it out and say things like, "Woah! Look at his belly button!" Most adults don't have a clue and say things like, "Aww, look at his outy!" While none of this ever bothers me, we never wanted Jay to feel self-conscious about it. And he doesn't. He doesn't even realize it's different than anyone else's.

The Progression of the Hernia....

8 months old

10 Months Old

14 Months Old

2 Years Old

2.5 Years Old

3 Years Old

But after his three year appointment and the hope that "it will close on its own by the time he's three," we were referred to a pediatric internal surgeon that specializes in hernia repair. We met with him a month ago and he was wonderful. So sweet and said Jay reminded him so much of his own son when he was that young. He promised me he would treat him as if he really was his own son, then boasted that he's done over 33,000 of these. He told us that likely this would never heal on its own (though it's gotten tremendously smaller) because the tissue along his abs up until his lower chest is far too weak. In fact, it's so weak that he thought he might have a double hernia. So tomorrow, not only will they repair his hernia but also the weak tissue as well.

At the end of the appointment he let EACH kid pick a special prize from their treasure chest- which just so happened to be filled with animals. He won Jay over for sure! I happened to be flipping through a publication with the top doctors in Houston a few weeks ago, and saw his name as one of the few top pediatric surgeons in Houston. Good referral by my doctor for sure!

Anyway, we are totally prepared and optimistic and hopeful and all that good stuff for tomorrow. We know it's short and quick and should be easy. And that's SO easy to say and think until it's your baby. And then it's the most serious surgery in the world.

The nurse from the surgery center called me a few days ago and was explaining everything (get there at 6:30 am, no food or drink after midnight, bring his favorite blankie/stuffed animal, etc.). When she was explaining how they would take him back my voice got all wobbly and my eyes teared up. I definitely said, "Do most parents cry?" And she chuckled and answered yes. Then I asked what they would do if Jay was scared and crying. She gave me all the good reassuring words about how they work with kids all day everyday and how the nurses will love on him and distract him and treat him as their own. They were all good answers, but I was ridiculously emotional just being on the phone with her! Ha!

So, say a quick prayer for our little guy for Friday morning!

Goodbye hernia! It's kind of sad knowing you will be gone- you are a piece of Jay and one of the things that makes him so special and unique.


Emily said...

I felt the same way when Carson had his "routine" tubes surgery. These are our babies! I know Jay will do great! It sounds like he is in amazing hands!!! Will definitely say a little prayer for him (and you!) in the morning! :-)

Brittany Sciba said...

Awww! I will say a prayer for him in the morning! I can't imagine how hard that must be as a mom!

The Joiners said...

That would definitely be tough but so glad he's in good hands! Praying for a smooth procedure for him and for peace for you :)

Jenni said...

Praying for sweet Jay this morning....and you and everyone working with him today. It is never easy to hand your kid off, no matter how "routine" the surgery is. We have done it with both boys, and I cried both times, so no shame! Hang in there Mama...they'll be coming to get to you to take you to recovery before you know it! {hugs}

the blogivers said...

Praying for you and Jay right now! I still remember having to hand Davis off when he had to have surgery at 8 months old - it was hard, but not nearly as hard knowing he was in such good hands! Hope you will keep us posted on how it went when you get a chance :)

Jules said...

Praying for you sweet friend- RIGHT NOW! Keep us posted on how he ( and you) are doing!

Jason and Jenny said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you all

ChelseaSalomone said...

Courtney I just saw this- I'm sorry! I'm glad everything is okay though! Logan actually has a very small one too. We just met with a surgeon about two weeks ago and he said we should still wait. Logan's is about 4 mm right now. If something changes I may be asking you lots of questions. How has the recovery been?