Monday, September 30, 2013

The One About the Surgery

Jay had his surgery on Friday.

Let me just tell you, I'm pooped. And let me tell you something else- this story is LONG. I want to have it all written somewhere so I never forget.

Thursday night my mom spent the night with us to be with Charley when she woke up Friday morning. We were to be at the surgery center at 6:30, which meant leaving here no later than 6. My mom spending the night means staying up way too late talking- for both Anthony and me. I think I finally called it a night at 12 and Anthony and my mom were up later than that. Dumb on our parts, I know...

Anyway, Friday morning around 445 I hear Jay's little footsteps hop off his bed and trek down the hall to Charley's room (he does this to see if anyone is in there). Then I heard him go back to his bed (and saw him on the monitor). About thirty minutes later, I heard him hop out of bed again. I went up to get him and met him back in his room. "Mom! There is someone in bed with Char! And I think it's Gubby!" You would have thought it was Christmas morning! Ha! Little did he know...

We got to the center, checked in, and Jay plopped down in the play area and made a bunch of friends. Meanwhile, Anthony and I were dealing with the totally unhelpful really great people behind the front desk. They were going to charge us about $1500 OVER than what we owed because we hadn't met his individual deductible but HAD met the family deductible and they didn't know how to figure that out, blah blah blah. So we were arguing our case (mind you I had called ALL WEEK LONG trying to get this sorted out ahead of time!). Anyway, because we wouldn't pay the astronomical price that we didn't owe, they pushed us back and back- and we FINALLY got called back at 7:45. Jay was SUCH a trooper and only asked for food/water/juice once. Sweet boy.

Just waiting... 

I think this is so funny and so typical of men. 
He had no clue this cute little girl was there. Ha!

Once we got back to the pre-op area, we met with nurses, anesthesiologists, our surgeon, and the nurse anesthetist. Jay didn't want to wear the gown (of course) so they said they'd slip it on him once he went under. The nurse anesthetist came by and was showing us his little gas mask and telling him he got to put it on and blow up a balloon (and let him choose the color) and that he'd have Spiderman powers. Little guy was NOT buying it.

The dreaded mask. I wanted you to try to see how TEENY it was. Ack!
And it STILL smells like bubblegum!

Anyway, they finally came to take him back (not much longer- it was very quick once we got back there). This was the point of awful. When the nurse asked him to come, he looked at me and started sobbing, "Mommy, pwease come with me. Pwease mommy!" I wanted to die right then and there. Then he begged for Daddy, and then they carried him away crying and screaming. One of the lowest points of my time as a mother for sure. I felt like I had betrayed him.

So I sat in the little pre-op area and cried. Anthony hugged me and prayed. And I cried more. Then we went out to wait. I cried more and Anthony finally figured out the insurance part. All while this was happening we got a call from our bank saying someone had fraudulently been using our card- so we are canceling things left and right and it was chaos!

Very quickly they called his name and said he was in recovery- Anthony was still in with the insurance guy and I flung the door open and said something overly dramatic like, "He's ready! You can sit and finish but I'm going back there now!" And left! Anthony did follow (sweet guy thought I was nuts I'm sure). I couldn't round the corner to get to him fast enough.

He was sitting up in this little crib with a nurse holding him up while he coughed- gown falling off and a warm blanket piled on him. He was crying and calling, "Mommy! Mommy! I want my mommy!" I cried again and the nurse said he had been asking for me nonstop. I held him and snuggled him as best I could in that terrible crib, and finally asked the nurse if I could take him out and hold him in the rocking chair. I held that boy so tightly and he just snuggled in. We tried to get him to drink so the coughing would stop from his throat being so dry. He refused several times but finally gave in.

I feel like a jerk for smiling. This was NOT how I looked 90% of the day. :(

They said he wouldn't be in any pain when he woke because of the anesthesia, but if that did happen we could give him something. They also said they'd send a prescription home with us, but we most likely wouldn't need to fill it. No restrictions- he should up and about that afternoon, and back to normal the next day. Bath the next day as well. Stitches were all internal with dermabond glue on the outside. Great prognosis, right?!

Well, as soon as he stopped crying and heaving, he said, "Mom, that man hurt my stomach! It really hurts! My tummy hurts. My belly button hurts, mom!" The nurse whipped her head around and asked if he really had just said all that. I nodded yes. She quickly ran and got another nurse and they gave him some meds. We waited until he settled down some and so we could see how he tolerated the meds and water- all of which was fine. Once he calmed down I thought I would talk to him about the surgery- just to talk him through it and calm any anxieties he was having. When I asked, "Hey buddy! Did you get to blow up that balloon?" He looked at me and started WAILING! Then through his sobs he said, "They made me lay down and put that mask on and blow up that balloon. And that made me SO angry!" and started wailing again.  I finally got smart and grabbed his pacifier from my purse- desperate times call for desperate (and special!!) measures. It calmed him immediately. Free pass on those for the weekend! Daddy pulled the car up and we kissed that place GOODBYE!

He cried as we situated him and got him into the car- then fell asleep for the last 10 minutes of the ride. When we got home he was awake. We took him up to his bed and watched TV. Once we got him comfortable (and the meds had kicked in), he was doing ok. Then he asked for some food. They said to give him little things like broth and crackers for the whole day. Yeah right. So he ended up eating two bags of pirate's booty, two bags of fruit snacks, and a granola bar. He wouldn't let me hold them because I think he was so hungry and afraid I would take them! He also was awake for about three hours. We just laid in bed. Luckily my mom had Charley and Anthony went and got her and was on duty with her. So thankful for both of them!

Holding onto his snacks for dear life. 

The rest of the day was spent pumping him full of meds and keeping him comfortable- the latter proved very hard to do. Finally around 4:30 he had to teetee- and he was so scared to do it! I had to carry him, set him on the potty, and he was crying the whole time because it hurt. Poor guy was in so much pain. We laid low and my parents came and brought us dinner and my sister and Jill came to say hi and brought cupcakes. Jay liked the spoiling, but was totally weak and exhausted.

As we were sitting there after dinner, Jay looked at Anthony and me and said, "Why did they have to give me a new belly button? I don't wike this one." I tried to explain that it was the same one and that the doctor just had to fix something little on the inside. Anthony piped in and said that even though it looked different than before, it looked just like his now. Jay replied (through tears), "But I don't want this one! I want my old one back! Why did he (his belly button) have to go hide inside his house?!" Sweet sweet boy... He knew he was perfect just the way he was. It was a lesson that we all should take- to be happy just the way God made us. Unfortunately for him, this was something that needed to be corrected. Poor baby- I felt so bad for him.

The "new look"
(Sorry, I know it's graphic)

Bed came and went that night- we put him in our bed with us and Ant was on Charley duty (in case she woke- which was likely because she had gotten a cold and was on day #2 of that).

Jay made it through the night fine and woke up feeling much better. We gave him meds, fed him breakfast, and spent all of Saturday just like we spent all of Friday- trying to keep him comfortable and pain free.

Charley woke up Saturday morning with a low fever- 100.6. Oh, and Anthony left for his sister's baby shower in Dallas. Originally, we thought Jay would be fine by Saturday- we definitely didn't expect him to be in such bad shape and of course no one planned for Charley's fever. Anthony wanted to stay so badly- but I told him go (what was I thinking!?) and promised that my mom and/or sister would help out. I could see how hard it was for Anthony to leave. :(

Sitting on the floor while feeding Jay on the couch. 
All lights were on, TV was on, Jay and I were talking... 
and this little sweet girl passed out because she was so sick. 

Jay was able to walk on his own a little on Saturday- but not much. It was still pretty much just on the couch or my bed- being super uncomfortable. He was very alert that day, and starting to get bored, so we took a trip to my parents to let him sit on the couch there (and let Charley get out and get rid of her cabin fever). My mom followed us home and stayed the night with us since Jay still needed 24/7 care. It was SO great! I'm sure I could have done it alone (both kids in our bed), but this was one of those times I decided to let someone help- which is very hard for me. I hate burdening people!

Sunday he woke up feeling so much better. He was walking alone pretty well (still semi-hunched over). He walked outside and got some fresh air. He sat on the floor for a few minutes and played, but still couldn't get himself on/off the couch and potty without assistance. He was taking his pain meds WAY less and was definitely starting to look close to normal. I am guessing this is how he was supposed to look the day before. I was supposed to be working in the nursery during church that morning and then teaching the 2's class during classtime- but I couldn't take a post-op kid and a feverish kid to church. So frantically got all the stuff together and my best friend (who is 35 weeks pregnant with her third kid) so kindly stepped in and helped out. I am so thankful for the people in my life!!

Sick little girl on the couch. 

So that brings us to today... What will today look like?! I am going to take Charley into the doctor to have her ears checked- she's on day 3 of fever and little sleep. I'm sure it's not her ears and just a cold, but I want to make sure. I will also have our pediatrician take a look at Jay and tell him about his recovery- just to make sure all is well with him. Plus, he's got a little redness above his belly button (not near the incision but near where they fixed his weak tissue), so I will have him look at that and see what he thinks. I'm sure I will come home with both kids being "fine," but at this point in my past four days and my exhaustion, I would rather someone else just tell me it's all good!

That's our story. I'm not gonna lie- it was WAY more than I thought it was going to be. All the doctors/nurses/friends that have already done this seemed to think it would be similar to getting tubes- in and out and over it. Not to mention all the internet research I did on this topic- everything was pointing to "easy!" surgery... which I would NOT classify this for Jay. I don't know if it was harder on him because it was a little more invasive (as the doctor pointed out afterwards due to the repair of the tissue and the size of the hernia). Yes, I am glad we did it. But geez... I'm pooped and Jay is drained- and seriously traumatized! I hope he will trust me with doctors again! :)


the blogivers said...

So what you're saying is... this past weekend won't go down in the books as your favorite one? For real though, I'm sorry it ended up being so rough, but I'm glad you have great family and friends around who were able to help you out! Hope everyone feels MUCH better today.

Kimberly Hixon said...

So sorry for the past few days being so rough! Prayers for a speedy recovery for both your little ones!! Hopefully this week will be much better for you guys!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear it was so rough. I was seriously sitting here on the couch bawling at the point in your story where they took Jay away. I cannot imagine!! Poor guy! I hate it was so hard for him.

Brittany Sciba said...

I'm sorry it's been so tough! :( I hope things start getting better soon!! Also, I'm cracking up about the little girl that he didn't realize was there. You're right, such a man and also such a girl for just being up in his space! Ha!

The Torno's said...

Hope you all get back to normal soon!