Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer in Review

I can't believe summer is over.

I can't believe starting tomorrow my babies will be going to school for a few days a week. Contrary to popular feelings, I am sad to not have them under my wing every day. I am sad I won't get to see their sweet (and sometimes not so sweet!) faces all day long. I am going to miss them like crazy.

I absolutely love everything about summer. I love the sun and pool and beach. I love the daylight until late into the night. I love the carefree attitude and lack of schedule. I love the freedom of summer and all of the celebrations and holidays that come along with it. I love the traveling and the visitors. I love summer.

And I am definitely sad it's over.

We did so much this summer! I have loved looking back at the fun memories we made together. Sometimes it was all four of us, but most of the time it was just the three of us- my little buddies and me. I know my kids won't remember what we did all summer long, but I will. And that's enough to keep this momma going all school year long.

Our summer in review...


Lots of long walks and exploring at the bayou/trail

Time at the lake

First face painting

Memorial Day Fun in Galveston

Trips to the zoo

Shoe shopping and ice cream eating

Chaotic (but SUPER fun!) trips to Austin


Splash pad trips

Slip n sliding with the cousins

Mommy and Daddy trip away

Building toilet paper towers at the grandparents' house

First piggy toe painting

More ice cream eating

New truck for Daddy


Sibling bonding

Cousin bonding

Even more ice cream eating


4th of July Parade Fun

More trips to Austin (and more ice cream)

More sibling bonding

Lots of trips to Noah's Ark

6th Anniversary Celebration

Jay's first VBS!

Dentist visit- first xrays!

A trip to the circus!

Moving CK to a big girl room!

Lots of playground days

Mommy and Kids day in Galveston at Moody Gardens

More ice cream!

Playdates with buddies


More cousin visits

"Mommy needs a break" weekend

Children's museum visits

Snuggling at Grandma/Grandpa's


California Trip

Birthday Celebrations

More hanging out with buddies

As you can see, I am not ready at all for this incredible summer to be over. I would call it a success for sure. And all I can say is... EIGHT MONTHS UNTIL SUMMER 2014!!!!!   :)

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