Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We started Nastics yesterday (as Charley Kate calls it) or Naxstics (as Jay calls it).... or Gymnastics to all of the rest of the people out there!

It was SUCH a success!

We will start with Charley because hers was first in the day...

We enrolled her in Little Gym. She went to Gymboree and we love love loved it. I was ready for her to get into actual gymnastics and tumbling instead of the play/singing that Gymboree offers. I wanted to enroll her in the gym that I took from when I was little, but the times I could take her didn't coincide with our schedule. Soooo... Little Gym it was! I had nothing against LG, I was just looking for legit gymnastics. Charley is physical and loves to hang, climb, roll... I knew we needed to get her in a gymnastics class and put those skills to good use.

Anyway, we headed to LG yesterday. It was great! There was more singing/circle time than I would have preferred, but beggars can't be choosers, so it will work for now! Anyway, girl LOVED the balance beam! She darted straight over to the high beam. The instructors told us to let them go unless we were nervous about letting them do it alone. I wasn't nervous, but I was scared the other moms would judge me for not being nervous, so I slowly treaded over there and stayed back. She did it over and over and over. She did the low beam, too, but definitely preferred the high one.

Charley also loved the high bar- and she just hung and hung and hung on that bar! She would tell people no when we tried to help her down, so we just let her hang until she was ready. It was a LONG time!

Though she is the very youngest in her class (19 months-2.5 years... she is just 19 months yesterday!), she was the first on every piece of equipment. Surprised, I know. She loved log rolling down the ramp, forward rolling (with help), climbing the rock "wall"... Girlfriend had a blast! I think it's going to be a beautiful relationship! Ha!

Fast forward to last night- Jay's first gymnastics class. This was really different, because he went in all alone. This is at a legit competition gym (no, we aren't having him compete. I just know they have a great preschool program with great instructors who really know what they are doing!). It is actual beginning tumbling/gymnastics- they incorporate everything into it. It was in a big, loud gym/warehouse with three other classes going on at the same time. His group is 3-5 year olds, and all of these kids have taken gymnastics (from this place) before. Jay was definitely out of his element, but went in with confidence. We got there early to watch a little before (thank you to my mom for watching Charley so I could focus on my little introvert!). We talked about him going in alone and mommy watching from the side. We looked at some of the things he wold be doing. We were ready!

He went out and they started stretching in circle. They gave him a dot to stand/sit on and that boy did NOT leave his dot! Ha! It was precious watching him stretch! Then they did some activities and had them try to do a handstand. Of course no one could, but it was just practicing the motions of putting hands down and kicking your feet up.

Then they did a little obstacle course with lots of forward rolls, and beginning cartwheels on a matted block. He was so lost here. I felt so bad for him! His rolls were fine, but there were SEVEN different elements to do, and the kids weren't close enough in front of him to watch, and there were only two instructors, so it was kind of a mess if you didn't know what you were doing. It really reminded me of when I'd go to step aerobics classes post college and walk out because I didn't know the routine. Ugh. He stuck with it as best he could, and the coaches were very sweet to help him out. I could tell he got a little frustrated during this part, and at the end he asked to go to his mom. Thankfully they kept him with them and then shortly started something new.

The next part was a beginning vault exercise (very very basic) and then hanging from the high bar, then the rings, then hanging from the high bar and pulling his toes up to the bar. He did great at all of these and his little faith was restored. It was sweet to watch.

They did the low beam last and he seemed to like that a lot, too!

I didn't get good pictures of him because they were SO FAR AWAY! I will be sure to bring my good camera next week to try to snap a few! I need a huge lens!

The coaches brought them over to us at the end and Jay was SO happy! He had a huge smile and was totally giggling. The coaches talked to us briefly and complimented each one (they told Jay his forward rolls were excellent!) He had a really good time!

I am so thankful that we can enroll them in extracurriculars! Anthony and I are both HUGE believers in early gymnastics for flexibility, discipline, and basic body movements. All of those stay with you forever, so we were eager to enroll them!

It's so funny to me how much their little personalities show in situations like this. Charley had no problem whatsoever trying something new. She went out there, did what she wanted, and wasn't scared to put her all into it. She's my outgoing extrovert.

Jay was so sweet and a little timid at his. He was definitely hesitant and very watchful. While Charley would have just gone along the obstacle course and done the wrong thing if she didn't know what to do, Jay waited and waited until he knew the exact correct thing to do. This was a really big deal for him to do something so new and unknown all by himself. I was so proud of him! My precious little introvert.

Hoping our next week is as successful as this one!


The Torno's said...

Awesome! Sounds like tons of fun.

Emily said...

Yay! Glad I'm not the only one that wants to put their SON in gymnastics! I know he'll be the only boy in the class, but the kid has so much energy and loves to do flips and "hang it." I think he'd love it! We were going to do soccer, but the season is right smack when we're supposed to have this little girl. Plus, it's a 2-day a week commitment for game & practice. "Nastics" definitely seems the way to go!