Monday, September 16, 2013

I've Got Nothing

I've got nothing to write about other than ordinary days (which are wonderful). So because I'm so sleepy, I will leave you with pictures from the past week and a half...

I know, I'm so lame. Judge me.

My guys. They even sleep the same! 

Picnic on our bedroom floor! 
They ate pizza and watched cartoons while we watched football in the other room.
Go ahead and send our Parents of the Year award. 

This picture is amazing to me.
Tex is SUCH a good dog and part of the duck duck goose circle.
Jay is making the elephant toot. 

My monkeys going ape at the zoo. 

They really do have so much fun together.
Best buddies. 

First movie! 
Nice choice, mom...
4D (which scared them)

Reppin the Ags before the big game. 

They are my world!

I mean, are you kidding me?! 
I love them to pieces! 

I just thought this was cute. So many Aggie boys. 
All huddled up. 

How potty time goes in our house (this was first thing in the morning, hence the pappies)
Jay likes to make "tents" with his shirt for his penis and teetee
Charley sits on her potty (fully clothed) pretending to go. 
Just a typical day. 

My snuggly lion after bath. 


Jules said...

Y'all are so much fun! And by the way, these are my favorite kind of posts! Just the everyday happenings :) I hope I get to see you and your crew soon!

The Torno's said...

I love this post, and I'm so jealous that you get to spend time with your kiddos every day :)

Sarah said...

They are so cute!! The pictures looking snazzy in their Aggie gear are PRECIOUS!!! Seriously, cutest ever!!! Love the potty pics too...monkey see monkey do! Corbin HAS to sit on the potty recently too. Ha ha!!