Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School!

It's that time again- back to school we go! 

This year Jay is in his second year at the preschool we LOVE, and in his third year of preschool/mother's day out. It has been such a great thing for him (and me). He walked into school yesterday as a confident little boy. He was ready! 

He has been asking to go back to school for almost a month now. His teachers last year were absolutely incredible. Honestly, God molded them from something special. Because of their patience and tenderness, he blossomed into a funny, outgoing, confident little guy. And, at the end of the year, the kids got to go see their new class for the next year! I love this! Jay has talked about his big boy class all summer long and because he went and saw it ahead of time, he was prepared and ready to go. 

We had a little photo shoot yesterday morning, and he was definitely hamming it up. I might see a future in modeling for this little guy! 

They have a shortened/different schedule the first week to ease the kids in (something else I love), so I took him alone while my mom stayed home with Charley. 

We walked into school and he knew right where to go. He walked right past his old classroom and said, "That's the baby class. I will go to my big boy class now." He found his picture/hook, hung his backpack, and marched on in. His sweet teachers stopped and gushed over him (how happy they were to see him!) and he loved it. He found a bucket of animals on the ground (thank you!) and got to playing. Then different kids he knew would trickle in and he greeted them all. He looked up from playing and said, "Mom, are you weaving now?" I answered, "Well, in a minute. Are you ready for me to leave now?" He responded, "Yes. You can go. I wuv you." And just like that he went back to playing! Little misty eyed for sure! 

While some might be sad about that, I couldn't have been happier! I think back to a few years ago when he cried at drop off every single day for the year! Now he is ready. I just love it! 

Photo shoot time!
Mr. GQ

Love his eyes in this one!
He was looking to see if I was smiling!

One of my favorite pictures of us. <3 font="">

Straight to playing!

Scheming with one of his buds!

Can they seem any older?! 
Arms around each other?!

It was also sweet Charley Kate's first day of school ever!!!!

I thought my little social butterfly was going to do just fine- she loves being out and seeing people and playing with friends.

This year, she is in the same class that Jay was in last year. That means we have the same teachers- The Saints, if you will. Charley is the very youngest kid in the school! They start taking them at 18 months old. While I might have been hesitant with Jay, I wasn't with Charley. Having an older brother and taking him to the same place twice a week last year, I figured Char was ready. She always loved going to her brother's class last year, and she knew the teachers, so she had some familiar faces.

We also had a little photo shoot that she wasn't feeling. She was ready to go go go and needed a snack. We got a few keepers, though!

For her class, they divide the class up in two sections (so it's not totally overwhelming for all the new kids and for the parents and for the teachers). I requested Charley have the later time (not like annoying requested.... the teachers asked me which I preferred and I told them) so that I could focus on her in the late morning and Jay in the early morning. Luckily my mom was around to help out, so she kept one while I focused on the other. Jay got out at 1030, and Charley started at 1045, so my mom grabbed Jay and took him home while I stayed with Charley.

Anyway, we got some cute pictures of her going in for the first time, finding her little hook with her backpack, and waiting to go in.

Once we got in there, girlfriend was READY. She knew just what to do! She walked right up to the table she always wanted to play at when we would drop Jay off- the painting table. She painted two pictures then went to the toys on the floor, then the train table, then found the babies! It was her heaven.

The school encourages us to stay with the kids their very first day, so all the parents did. The other kids in the class were hesitant and crying (and some were just straight up BAD- God bless those teachers!). Not Charley Kate! She was confident and went around with ease. I stayed back so she felt like it was just her and the teachers, but was there to be a safety net in case she panicked. She didn't. :)

She loved loved loved school and the teachers were so pleased with her! I must say, being the youngest meant nothing to her- girl was definitely a leader today! That's what happens when you have an older brother who was there just a few months before!

When it was time to go, I asked her if she was ready to leave and she shook her head no. Sweet thing. I think she'll be super excited to go back again!

Photo shoot time!

Finding her hook!

Waiting to go in!

Picking up Jay! 

I NEVER get good pictures with both kids. EVER. 


Just making herself comfortable!

Snack and story time! 

After school!

Cousin Jill also goes to our school now! 

I love love love this school and am so thankful for everyone there! The teachers are all amazing and so caring. They always have the best interest of the kids in mind and you can never fault them for that!

Another thing they do is have home visits with the teachers before school starts. This way the kids can meet the teachers ahead of time in a safe environment so they have familiar faces that first day. This is genius for that reason and the fact that the teachers really get to know the families before. They knew Jay liked animals and Charley Kate liked babies ahead of time, so they made sure they were out for them when they got there. Sweet sweet people, I tell ya!

Looking forward to a super great year!


The Scott Family said...

Your kids are so adorable!!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Oh my gosh, Jay is definitely hamming it up! I love it! He's so handsome! Charley looks so beautiful! Love the pics of you helping her find her hook! So sweet! :)

The Torno's said...

Love the pics, especially of Jay - awesome! And that school sounds like a definite winner also.