Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby Steps

So Little Miss Firecracker has been having a tough time transitioning to school.

The first few days were great- it was short, I stayed for a while- she loved it. Then it hit her. Mommy leaves.

The last four school days she has cried the entire time. Yesterday it was just on and off for the whole time. Poor little girl.

So her SWEET teachers pulled me aside yesterday afternoon and we came up with a plan. I was going to stay a little longer with her in the morning and get her a little more acclimated to the room. I would play some and then head out right before they went to the playground. We did that today. If I got more than an inch away from her, she would start crying. Seriously- girl is street smart and picks up on everything. At one point, her teachers and I were talking in code about me slipping out and then watching through a one-way window to make sure she was doing ok. We never used the words "leave" "go" "come back"... NOTHING. And as we were talking she ran over to me, threw herself on my lap and cried, "No mommy weave. No mommy weave. Sit nest me." Poor girl. She can sense it!

Anyway, I eventually did just slip out (no, I didn't tell her bye- it seemed to cause too much anxiety and then I would leave her sobbing hysterically). Well, I ran a quick errand (like 15 minutes) and came back. I peeked in and the teachers gave me the thumbs up that she was doing ok. They said they'd call me if they needed me! Woohoo!

Now, she did cry a little a few times during the time I was gone, but not hysterically and not nonstop. So we will call it a small victory. Baby steps. I just have to realize she has been my little buddy for the past 19 months. She'll get there- she does great at the church nursery!

On to a Jay update... he's doing GREAT at school. Loves it and his teachers love him. Not in a million years did I think this is the way it would go. I thought for sure it would be the other way around!

Now, gymnastics is another story. Ha.

First of all, like I mentioned, it's pretty intense. It's very fast paced with tons of stuff going on all around. Not to mention all the kids in the class have been taking for years (years! He's only three!!) and know what to do. But this is a lot for him.

So the other day my mom met me up at the gym to watch him. The plan was for her to watch and then take him to her house for some alone time (Jay's request. He's Mr. Independent these days and wanted to go to Gubby's house alone!). Well, the first 10 minutes in the circle (where they stretch and do silly things like march and donkey kicks) he refused to do anything. Just sat on his legs and crossed his arms. I was horrified! The teachers all went over to help him and were so sweet- and he just wouldn't budge. He never acts like that!!! My mom urged me to go out there and tell him he had to participate. I was grateful for parenting advice and the fact that she could watch Charley while I went out there.

I motioned to his coaches to see if they wanted me to come help and they nodded yes. So out I went. He refused for me for a while. What I really wanted to do was shout, "We are leaving if you don't do this!" but that's exactly what he wanted to happen. So, I sucked it up and sat there right next to him making him do each move. Yes, I was so embarrassed that a jillion parents were watching my kid refuse to do something. Yes, I was embarrassed that I was sitting out there with him. But I had to swallow my pride and teach my son a lesson. A lesson that was, "If we start something, we give it our all and finish it."

He eventually loosened up quite a bit and I started by backing off the actual gym floor and standing to the side. Then I moved back to the seating area and watched. He's so cute- because he'll look over every three or four minutes and make sure I'm paying attention. And he gives me a thumbs up- and I give him one back. He's SUCH a dear!

I know this is way out of his comfort zone. And I get that it's probably too much, too fast for him. But for the time being, we are using this as a lesson. We will keep him enrolled there for a few months- long enough to know he's not getting out of it. If it's still too much for him after a few months, we will look elsewhere. But for the time being, we are taking baby steps.

Baby steps for both my babies. Funny.


Jenni said...

Hang in there, Mama! You have two awesome kiddos and I love your outlook. Connor was tough to send to school, but he came around. Levi does great if Clay drops him off (which he does most days), but he was out of town this morning, so I had drop off duty and it was brutal. We just can't help it they love us so much, right?! (c;

Jules said...

You are such a good Mama and your kids are so lucky to have you! you're teaching Jay a very important lesson so pat yourself on the back. And, we have ALL been there with having our kid not do what they are supposed to do! I hope it gets better SOON with sweet CK. I know it will! It sounds like she's in a wonderful school!

Jason and Jenny said...

You are such a great mom Courtney! Hang In there on both a few weeks it will all look different! And good for you for sticking to your guns with jay. I mean it's just as hard for you I'm sure and if it were me I'd want to wimp out abd take drew home but it is about the bigger picture too. You're doing the right thing!