Sunday, September 8, 2013

Auto Pilot

I kind of feel like I've been functioning on auto-pilot for the last month.

Let me just give you a quick rundown of our INSANE August...

Me out of town/Grandparents in town
Grandma stays for a few days
Grandma, me, and kids drive to grandparents house (6 hour drive!!)
Grandparents house for a few days
Dallas for a few days (Anthony met us there)
Sister and nephew/niece in town and stay with us for a week
We go to California for a week
Home---> Squeeze in errands, catching up, a few birthday parties for Jay, getting ready for school into three days
Anthony's cousin and wife in town from Iowa
Anthony's parents and sister/brother in law in town for a few days
Family leaves
Cousin and wife leave
Kids start school

That takes us to this past weekend.


Needless to say, Anthony and I are POOPED!

It was a GREAT month! We crammed a lot in, saw a ton of family, and did a lot of fun things. I am not complaining by any means. Talking about it just shows us how blessed we truly are. I love the chaos of traveling/visitors/family, but it does drain a person!

Anyway, we are finally catching up and able to take a breath. We resumed our "normal" weekend activities this past weekend and are planning on a "normal" week! Can't wait!

A few things that I need to document...

Charley Kate... oh my, that girl. I am just obsessed. She is at the most incredible stage. She is talking so much and coming up with ideas and things on her own.

Big big milestone for her the other night- she said her first totally independent prayer! We were sitting at the dinner table, and Jay has been our resident pray-er for a while now. His prayers are so sweet and he always ends with a giant AMEN! Well, we finished and started eating and Charley folded her hands and said, "Caryey pray." We all kind of looked in bewilderment, and she bowed her little head (after making sure each of us had our hands folded!) and said, "God, kank-oo mommy, daddy, Jay. AMEN!" Oh my goodness it was music to my ears. What a precious precious little girl. If that isn't proof that kids are listening, then I don't know what is. I just loved hearing those sweet words so much!!! Sidenote- she has now said prayers quite a lot lately! Like we were at a restaurant and all the food was brought to our table. In atypical, starving fashion, we all just started chowing down. To which Charley fussed at all of us and said, "Pray, mommy! Pray PawPaw!" and she reminded us to slow down right then and give thanks. Little angel.

If she asks to do something and I tell her we can't or "not right now," she very sweetly asks, "Why, Mommy?" Ahhh, gotta love having a big brother!

If this picture doesn't show how much she loves him, then I don't know what does!

She also is getting excellent at saying please and thank you OFTEN and at appropriate times! I mean, when she asks for most everything she says please. And as soon as you do anything for her, she says, "Kank-oo mommy." So so sweet.

She can sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" all the way through (but she hasn't let me catch it on video yet!). She's got the most precious little voice and her sense of humor is really coming out. She will do something silly (hang a piece of food out of her mouth) and say, "Wook at me, mommy!" and start laughing hysterically. She's amazing.

She has also hit the most precious stage- saying "I love you" on her own. She started mimicking us about a month ago and saying it back to us. But now, she just comes up (often) and says, "I wuv oo, Mommy. I wuv oo, Jay. I wuv oo Daddy." Melt my heart. Seriously.

She still nods her head mostly when you ask her something and the answer is yes, but now she pairs it with a, "Uh huh." She is just seeming so much older all of a sudden!

And school? Let's just say girlfriend did fine. She ran that class all week. Love it.

And on to sweet Jay. He has really developed an independent streak lately. He's still my lovey, sweet boy, but he's definitely testing limits with pushing things and answering back (with a poor tone of voice or without "kind" words). He's saying no a lot more instead of just complying. We've been working really hard on making him more assertive, and he's definitely got that part down! Ha!

And his daddy? Well, there is no bigger hero than he. Jay loves his dad so much. He wants his full attention 100% of the time, always chooses him for things (bed time, nap time, sitting by him, riding in his car, playing with him, etc...). It makes me so happy to see this sweet bond. I know that kids are influenced by so many people, but dads have probably the most important role in a child's life. I can get into it more another day, but I am so thankful for the stand-up, Christian role model that Anthony is for his children. I definitely nailed it when I said yes to him! :)

Oh, and he is loving school- like he asks to go every day. His teachers stopped me last week and talked to me about how much they loved him already. I'm so so thankful for that. I'm so thankful he's so happy. Makes a momma glad.

Jay and Charley both start gymnastics tomorrow! Charley actually starts Little Gym (but we call it gymnastics since big brother has it, too!). I can't wait to see how she does. I have no doubt she will love it! And Jay starts legit gymnastics. He will be out there all alone (well, kids and teachers!)... but parents will sit in the waiting section and watch. YIKES. That is WAY harder on me than him. Even if he is scared at first, he will be fine. It will be me worrying about him. But, that's why preschool and these types of activities are good for them- it helps me to let go and helps them be brave. Sigh...

Leotard?! Yes please! 

Anyway... I wanted to update a little and say that I will resume our semi-normal life soon! Finally!

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ChelseaSalomone said...

I was laughing so hard at the part about CK. She sounds SOOO much like Logan. I mean even the things they say are the exact same- so crazy!!! You guys have been busy, busy, busy. Hopefully with both kids in school you can catch your breath and get caught up on life again.