Sunday, August 25, 2013


How in the world is this guy 3?!?

Three years ago Jay made me a mother. It is by far my favorite title in my whole life.

I love this boy so much! He has turned out to be the most amazing toddler. We have been so blessed with him- and sometimes question how we got so lucky to have skipped the terrible twos (but then we remember what a tough baby he was and remind ourselves that we deserve this!). 

Jay is such a sensitive, caring little soul. He is so kind and loving and a truly genuine kid. He tells us he loves so often- there is just no better feeling than to hear those words.

He is bright and inquisitive and articulate and funny- all qualities that should take him far in life. His vocabulary is amazing- he can explain things so well and uses such big words! His sense of humor is great- he often tells jokes and funny stories to get a reaction.

He is reserved at first but comes out of his shell much faster these days. He loves his family and close friends- and loves his little world (his home, his toys, his routines). 

Jay still loves animals. He knows so much about so many animals. He now talks about being an animal doctor or a zookeeper one day. He also loves dinosaurs, though! He can remember names of particular ones (parasaurolophus, ankylosaurus) that I have to constantly look up. His memory is seriously ridiculous!

He loves puzzles and memory and memorizing flash cards. He says his favorite sport is basketball (with soccer as a close second). He is a phenomenal swimmer and feels most comfortable/confident in the water. I have never seen him so relaxed/brave/confident than when he swims. It's incredible to watch. 

Jay is a rule follower and a pleaser. He loves to make you happy and worries when you aren't. 

He is becoming incredibly independent. We often hear, "No momma. I'm gonna try it by myself." He loves to pick out his own clothes, (try to) get himself dressed, play games alone, potty by himself, play in another room alone.. About a month ago our 4.5 year old neighbor came over to play. They were upstairs playing in Jay's room when they suddenly came flying down the stairs. Jay rounded the corner to the front door and said, "I'm going to Braden's momma! See you waiter!" So grown up!!

He loves his baby sister. He uses the most gentle voice with her and takes time to explain things to her. They can still fight like its going out of style, though!! And his daddy is his best buddy- daddy can do no wrong in his eyes. He's kind and caring and gentle with Tex and Ella.

He already has such a sweet little heart for God. He loves Bible stories and going to church. He offers to pray before dinner and bed. We usually say our prayers together and then end with "...and most of all, God, thank you for Jesus. In Jesus' name, amen!" At dinner last week he said, "... And most to God, thank you for my mom." (!!!!) Not that I am trying be above Jesus, but it was SO sweet and the way he tried to phrase it like us was adorable.

He honestly is such a dream toddler. I love this little boy and who he's becoming. I can't wait to see the young man he develops into! 

Happy third birthday, buddy! We sure love you!

Three Year Appointment Stats:
Height: 3'4" (96%)
Weight: 35 lbs (84%)
BMI: 15.4 (27%)
BP: 103/67
Pulse: 101


Jason and Jenny said...

Aww. Sweet post! Happy 3rd Jay!

the blogivers said...

Agreed, sweet post for a sweet guy! Happy 3rd bday, Jay!

Brittany Sciba said...

He is adorable and sounds like such a sweet boy!! Happy Birthday Jay!