Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sister Sister!

There can be no situation in life in which the conversation of my dear sister will not administer some comfort to me.  ~Mary Montagu

A sister is a forever friend.  ~Author Unknown

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.  ~Isadora James

Gosh, I could find and post a jillion sister quotes. 

This past weekend, a Facebook friend posted, "I wish I had a sister." Oh, how my heart ached for her!! I wanted to write so many things, but in typical fashion, I just couldn't find the right words so I posted nothing. 

That same day, my brother in law asked me if I was closest to any one particular sister (I have three of them!). I get this question a lot. And the answer is always the same. I am close to each of them in different ways. 

My oldest sister, Jennifer is the one I see the most. We live less than a mile away from each other. I see her and her kids just about every single day. My kids LOVE her kids- they act just like siblings. The big boys are so good to my kids and Jay and Jill fight and love like brother/sister. We talk probably seventy five times a day. We know more about each other's daily lives and issues than anyone else (including our own husbands I think!). She is 6 years older than me and we have so much fun together. We have that unsaid relationship where we can just show up at the others' house when our kids are going nuts and need a break, or eat everything in the pantry when we are PMS, or just call and talk about the most minute details of our day. It's a wonderful relationship that I am so thankful for. It makes the daily grind SO MUCH BETTER. She is a baby/nursing whisperer and I will be forever indebted to her for all the help she's given me. She's also very level headed when it comes to giving advice on things, which is such a great quality. Plus, I think she's really funny and smart and we have a great time together! I am always laughing when I'm with her! Jennifer was the one I slept with the most when I was little. She was always the calming, "mother" of us and just made you feel safe and secure. I have the best memories from our nights falling asleep together! I am so thankful for her!

My second sister, Kiki is the one I always wanted to be like growing up. She is five years older than me and we were very similar in our younger years. I always wanted her clothes and advice on boys. I looked up to her in so many ways. As we've grown older, we have turned our relationship into a really great friendship. Our husbands really enjoy hanging out together (though they are probably as polar opposite as two could be!). We love going to Austin to stay with them just on a whim, and they always stay with us when they come here. We all love to go to dinner together and enjoy trying new places/things together. Our kids all love playing together and my kids think they are siblings with hers. We laugh a lot and have just plain old fun couple time together. I feel like you always need a good couple/family to hang out with, and they are great ones to be around. I love getting Kiki's advice on certain things. She is a great preschool teacher and always gives me great ideas on activities to do with toddlers. She is also very crafty and has made a ton of things for our house/kids' rooms, etc. I am so thankful for her!

My little sister, Michelle is probably my best friend on the planet. Even though she is four years younger than me, we are very similar in lifestyle choices. She is the one I can call for the silly friend stuff. We always have so much fun together! She's my shopping/pedicure/grab a bite to eat/sit and talk for hours person. And, when I was thinner (pre-babies... dangit), we shared a LOT of clothes. That is seriously one of the best things about having sisters!!!! But our relationship is deeper than that stuff. It really is a true friendship. I know I can call her any time of day/night with any issue big/small and if she needed to, she would hop on a plane from California in an instant to come be with me. No doubt. And I would do the same for her. I joke that she's my other, other-half. Anthony totally gets that now and has just quit asking questions. Ha! Michelle is the one that always laughs at your jokes, always makes you feel so good, and is just generally a good person. You know, that person that EVERYONE thinks is their best friend- because they make you feel that way. She is so giving and unselfish and kind. I am seriously so thankful for her.  

As you can see, my sisters are my best friends. Yes, we all have best friends outside of each other, of course. But there is just something a little different about having a sister. There is just that teeny bit of comfort that you don't find many other places. And freedom. Freedom to be your absolute self. You know, the self where you don't have to hide or pretend AT ALL. They've seen me at my very worst times, and because we're blood, they have to love me anyway  :)   I am so genuinely thankful for each and every one of them- and I can't imagine being without just one of them. 

It was so funny growing up in a house of one man and five women. There were definitely times when my dad would just take off for the driving range or golf course and leave us be. That was usually once a month :)   But he was King of the castle and he loved having five doting women around. And I can say with 100% certainty, I can count on ONE hand the number of fights I've had with my sisters since we were teeny tiny. We just all really loved being together. Yes, there was the "Mom! She borrowed my dress and didn't put it back!" or the "Ugh, stop following me around!"... you know, typical bickering. But I can only remember a handful of fights (and we never did the scratching, hair pulling stuff). We just genuinely enjoyed each other! 

People ask me all the time if I'm sad that I don't have any brothers. My response is, "Are you kidding me? What would I need them for?! I've got all I need with my sisters." And while that is just insanely cheesy, it's so so true. 

So to my friend on Facebook (who reads this blog), I can only imagine what you must have been thinking/feeling the other day. And I don't have anything to say other than I am a person who genuinely appreciates the fact that I DO have a sister (or three). I am so thankful for them. 

I hope hope hope I can give Charley a sister one day. There is just something so special about that relationship. But I'm also very thankful that she has a brother. I am seeing just what a special relationship that is, too. 


the blogivers said...

Sisters are pretty great, I must agree :) sweet post!

Maggie Coleman said...

Sisters are truly the best!! I can agree with you on almost everything you said!!! It is really great to have a built in best friend when you have a sister :) I wouldn't trade mine for the world!!!!

Jules said...

I love this post! My sister and I are a lot like you and Michelle and its just the best friendship I could hope for! Sometimes I'm a little sad that Claire won't have a sister ( 95%sure we are done :)) but she has such a great brother! And, I hope when she's older ill be the first one she calls when she needs to talk ;) All you Moriarty girls are beautiful!!

Jason and Jenny said...

Yes my sweet friend. I think you captured what I didn't have enough space for on FB. It's that they love and accept you no matter what in a way friends just won't. My mom has three sisters abd their relationship is much like yours with your sisters. I want thst for sure. I am so incredibly blessed with great brothers and beautiful sons but part me wanted a daughter to kind of replace that lack of sister. Clearly God has had other plans for me abd I am so blessed with all I have, especially my mom who is a best friend but for some reason lately my heart has been missing that sister I never knew until now that I wanted. I loved your post and am glad you appreciate what you have!

Emily said...

What a sweet post.... makes me wish I had a sister. :-(