Monday, August 5, 2013

I Needed That

Over the course of our relationship, and especially since Anthony and I have had kids, we try very hard not to do too many dinners, nights out, weekend trips, or things in general without each other. While we value our friends so very much, we also value our relationship and the small amount of time we actually spend together.

Now, this isn't saying we have ditched all of our friends and only hang out together. We just are very choosy about how/when we spend our time apart. We recognize that there is a certain void that only your best friends can fill, so we jump on those special opportunities when we have them.

This weekend was one of those times. I can't remember the last time I had a "girls weekend" with my best friends. We headed to Austin for the weekend and had a FABULOUS time! Swanky hotel, amazing meals (kid free!!!), lounging by the pool reading, napping, uninterrupted showers and potty breaks, pampering, and snuggling in bed staying up way too late talking... you know, all the things girlfriends do best! :)

Oh my, how I needed this weekend! It's been a rough month in particular, and one of those times that the best prescription was lots of laughs with good friends.

I am so so thankful to Anthony for giving me a few "days off" from my job. What a wonderful husband. I'm so thankful to both of our families for stepping in to help while I was gone, too. And I'm also thankful to my girlfriends' husbands for doing the same for them.

Dinner at Benji's Cantina
Melissa met up with us this night!

After dinner back at our hotel 
Yes, I am the only one not pregnant in our little group!

My snuggling partner for the weekend. 
She requested five extra pillows! Bahaha!

The other bed with all their pillows!

Blow Dry Bar! Best idea ever!

After our blowouts with our new 'dos! 

Sunday brunch at Moonshine

Mary and Casey (and Lucy!) met us, too! 

I met all of these girls freshman year when we all pledged the same sorority. I never imagined how amazing our friendships would be. We have gone through so much over the past THIRTEEN years and I'm so thankful for them! So happy after a much needed weekend...

I missed my hubby and babies so much. It was SO fun to come home and see them! While I loved recharging (and getting two FULL nights of uninterrupted sleep!!!), I was so happy to get home and see my little family. They are definitely where my heart is!

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the blogivers said...

Love that y'all got to do this! And hopefully being with a bunch of pregnant friends meant it was an extra relaxing trip with no pressure to constantly be doing stuff :)