Monday, August 26, 2013


So we went to Disneyland for Jay's third birthday.

Let me just tell any naysayers out there who think taking toddlers to Disney is a bad idea/waste of time and money/whatever... You are WRONG!

It was SUCH a blast and the most incredible experience! We had so much fun, made some great memories, and seriously can't wait to go back (whenever that may be!).

Both kids were such troopers. They rode rides, ate a ton, met characters, napped for almost two hours in the stroller... they had a blast. Seriously- it was so fun!

Here are a ton of pictures- I tried so hard to narrow it down! Sorry in advance!

 Breakfast with the Characters! 
We were still half asleep and a little afraid of everyone!

Scared of "all the big stuffed animals"

Charley and Auntie Chelle Chelle were all about dancing!

 Nothing says Disney like a chocolate birthday cupcake for breakfast!

 Now he's all warmed up!

Charley kissed this Goofy statue a million times. Ha!

The one person Jay wanted to see ALL day!

I'm pretty sure Charley spent 1% of our trip not in Michelle's arms. 
She's obsessed with her auntie!

One of my very favorite pictures!

Char kept shoving Michelle's head in the submarine window during Nemo. 

Poor Michelle did a LOT of this!

Anthony and Jay on Jay's first roller coaster!!

What better place to nap than Mr. Lincoln's Hall?!
Quiet, AC, and downtime for the grownups! 
They napped in here for about 45 minutes. 
The rest of their nap was outside while we walked around!

Goofy's house!

Minnie's house!

The end of the day! ALL WORN OUT!

We aren't HUGE Disney people- we love it and have great memories, but we definitely don't live and die Disney. But this was a FUN trip! I really can't wait to do it again!

A few things I did/learned along the way...
1) We stuck to Disneyland only- with two toddlers we knew there was a ton of ground to cover and not as much time. We didn't do the Carsland (neither are into Cars).
2) We did one day. Honestly, at the end of the day, the thought of going back again the next day was totally overwhelming. I'm so glad this was how we did it and started our Disney trips. We can just ease into it!
3) Do a character breakfast/lunch/or dinner. It saved us from trekking all over the park to find the characters the kids wanted to see (Goofy!) and stand in line for 45 minutes just for one picture! Genius!
4) We made a list of all the rides we would possibly want to go on, and tried our best to get to them. We did the absolutely-have-tos and then tried to fit in as much else as we could. We didn't even hit half of our list, but we loved the ones we got to.
5) We brought a ton of snacks in and the kids tore through those. It was hot and we walked a lot- they needed it!
6) More adults than kids was AWESOME!
7) Use a Disney planner. We only needed ours for a couple of things since we just did one day and didn't stay on site- but she was WORTH IT. BONUS- they are FREE to you!! Another BONUS- my oldest sister is one and knows more about Disney than any other person I've ever met. She researched the best restaurants to go to for character sightings (well, she already knew which ones), she mapped out the park for us with rides we would like and that were appropriate for kids our age, she checked while we there to see where the heck Goofy was so that we could go find him right then!, she made any reservations, etc. for us. She was a GEM! And like I said, it's free to you. Next time you are thinking of Disney, email me. I will get you her info.
8) We weren't staying on the property, so we knew nap time was going to be at the park. We basically just went until they dropped- which was around 1:45. They both ended up napping until about 4:00 in their stroller. We headed to the Hall of Presidents for a bit so they could be in some cool air, but then went around the park and rode the rides we liked and ate and sat. We just kind of went with it and it was perfect!

The rest of the stuff is pretty standard (comfy shoes, space out your day, etc...)

I'm seriously so glad we went and look forward to doing it again one day!


the blogivers said...

Glad y'all had a successful trip! I'll come back to this post one day if we are ever brave enough to go :)

Michelle said...

What a fun trip!! Can't wait to hear more! :)

Jules said...

Fun Fun FUn! I cannot wait to go to Disney with the kids! I'm thinking next year. Glad y'all had fun and Jay had such a special birthday!