Thursday, August 15, 2013

CK is 18 Months!

Oh, Charley Kate! How are you already so old?! In some ways it feels like you have been a part of us forever, but some days I just think of you as a newborn- just warm and snuggly in my arms.

Charley is such an incredible little girl. She has such a big personality and everyone who meets her knows that. She gets in these happy, silly, giggly moods- and she is seriously so much fun to be around. She gives a precious smile, says something with her tiny little voice, and can make a grown man mush. She has this flirting thing down- and that worries her daddy (who is totally wrapped around her finger and falls for that little eyelash batting and smile!). When she gets excited she laughs heartily and stomps her feet in happiness! She nods her little head yes and looks at you with those big, blue eyes.

But when she isn't happy, she lets you know it. She can thrown a mean, head on the ground, screaming, legs kicking temper tantrum. She is feisty. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this little girl will never be someone's doormat. She can stand up for herself better than most adults. Want to grab a toy from her hand? Yeah right. Want to make her do something she's not ready for? No way. This girl is a strong little girl. My favorite quote that describes her is, "Though she be but small, she is fierce." Absolutely dead on. You go girl.

Charley is learning something new every day (which is why this stage is so amazing to me). Her talking is awesome and her little 2-3 word phrases and beginning sentences amaze me. I remember thinking the same thing about Jay. I love listening to her sweet little voice and I love hearing her (try to) explain something to me. She's a great communicator. She loves to sing and now requests songs at bedtime (her favorites include "Happy Birthday," "Twinkle Twinkle," and "Pop the Bubbles" from Gymboree!). Two days ago I sneezed twice and she said, "Bwess-oo, Mom!" Cutie!!

She loves going through her family members and talking about them, she loves looking at pictures on my phone, she loves playing iPad/iPhone and the "independence" that comes with it now that she can do it all on her own.

I went back and looked at Jay's 18 month post. I talked about his obsession with animals. While Charley isn't quite as obsessed as Jay, she definitely has her own "obsession"... Babies. She loves babies. Baby dolls, baby people, anything to do with babies she loves. She has half a dozen baby dolls at our house that she plays with. She has a stroller and a shopping cart and a baby bed and a baby carseat. She has a diaper bag that she pushes around with bottles in it. She has blankets and pacifiers for her dolls. She loves playing with them. Then when we see a REAL live baby- it's over. She just stands there staring at it, wanting so badly to touch it. Usually they are small babies and in carseats and she just stands there looking and watching and talking about the baby. Little mommy. It's adorable. While Jay would request animal YouTube videos, all Charley requests is babies. "Babies, mom. Babies!"

She is just now really hitting a clingy phase. She is all about momma all the time. We jokingly call her my shadow. She loves to be around people, but she clings to me like it's going out of style!

And her sleeping? Meh. We went through some really good periods for a bit. Then she got a little cold and it's gone back to waking up at night. She's never up long, and will go right back down even if Anthony goes to her, but I'm ready for some goooood sleep. :)

She is super attached to her blankie and has been doing SO great with only having the pacifier at nap and night. I'm so thankful.

I'm pretty sure the thing that she loves most in this world is her brother. Jay is everything to her. She loves to mess with him and get a reaction, but he's gotten to be a pretty good sport. If he EVER throws any attention her way, she's mush. Even the tiniest smile from him gets her going. It's so absolutely precious to watch them interact and play together. He's so so good to her and she just loves him. He's the last person she talks about at night and the first one she asks for in the morning. This makes my momma heart so happy- I hope they are best friends forever. They are good for each other- balancing each other out so perfectly.

I love this stage so much. The discovery phase is incredible to me. Now that she can communicate better her fussing is so much less- and I love that. I love watching her learn new things and hearing her say new words.

This girl is such a blessing to our family. She definitely brought a spark that we didn't even realize we were missing. She lights up our world and we are so thankful for her.

Oh, Charley Kate. We love you!


Height: 32.75 inches (79%)
Weight: 21 lbs, 4 oz (30%!!)
Head: 18.25 inches (53%)

Brother at 18 months...
Height: 35 inches (>99%!!!!)
Weight: 27 lbs, 7 oz (87%)
Head: 56%

It is nuts to me how much bigger Jay was at this age- and seriously crazy that he was over 6 lbs heavier than her- and he wasn't chubby at all! This girl is just teeny- light as a feather!


J & J Brymer said...

I LOVE the piggy tails! Sweet girl!

Brittany Sciba said...

She is such a doll!!