Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our California Adventure!

This year we chose to take our family vacation to California to visit my little sister!

We spent a week in Manhattan Beach, CA- just south of LA. It's the perfect little beach town- home of beach volleyball.

We are so thankful to Michelle and Scott for opening their home to us for a week- that's a LONG time to have two people in your home, much less two people PLUS two crazy toddlers! They were such wonderful, gracious hosts. We could have done the hotel route, but staying with them was just so much better! We got to stay up late laughing and talking and watching movies/tv once the kids were down. We had company as the kids napped and played with their puppy. It was perfect. I was totally not ready to leave. I might have cried 1,000,000 tears as I told Michelle goodbye. I HATE telling her goodbye. It's the worst. :(

Here are some pics- there are tons! I deleted so many- but there are a jillion left!

Here are the initial "getting there" pics... I know there are a lot, but I couldn't cut anymore out... So typical of my crazies!

Riding the shuttle to the airport! 
Charley is pretending the seatbelt is a phone!

My guys.

Both of our kids slept on the plane on the way there and back! 

About to fall asleep- you can tell in his eyes (and his pacifier use!)

Our setup on the plane... CK asleep o Ant, me leaning on a babydoll on Ant, Jay on me... 
Crazy, beautiful, chaos :)

Our first day... getting acclimated to the COOL temps! I cannot tell you how incredible the weather was... I miss it already!

First time feeling that COLD Pacific Ocean water! FREEZING!

First meal there- dinner at the Lonergans!

Char's artsy pic... Ha! She just really likes showing off her shoes!

She only wants the big girl swing now!

These are all beach pics from several different days... There were a LOT of beach trips!! My kids are definitely beach rats at heart. They could be there and be busy ALL DAY LONG.

The animals come everywhere- even the beach!

Love these girls. CK will be calling on her auntie a LOT in the future I'm sure!

Ugh... and these guys. Can they love each other anymore!?

My little sandrat/model... 

And now just some randoms...

Just up from nap and at a restaurant in Laguna. 
Thankfully the table had tiles and it made the perfect zoo!

I'm pretty confident Charley would rather be in their family. 

We LOVED Laguna Beach! I seriously could move there! Cutest town!

Playing in the "jungle" near Michelle's house. Ha!
Charley Kate is Simba on the rock and Jay is an elephant on the safari (?!). 

They LOVED feeding the geese!

Nothing screams birthday dinner after a long day at Disneyland than McDonald's!
Hey, the birthday boy gets what the birthday boy wants!

They will kill me for posting this one day, but it's hysterical!
Jay started grabbing himself... And CK watched him and copied him. Look at her face! 
Little crazies!

Glow in the dark stick dance party! 

Jay's favorite carousel!

And his favorite car ride!

Looking at the water through the cracks of the Santa Monica pier!

Santa Monica Pier!

So dramatic!

Our picnic snack on Michelle's front yard!

The Lonergans with our kids on Laguna!

Typical day! Michelle was SUCH a trooper!

On the way home. 
There are no pictures of me because I was crying. 
A lot. 

So thankful for my sweet little sister and her hubby for letting us crash. I loved seeing her be a wife and have her own house and world. We had so much fun and I'd go back tomorrow if I could. I miss her already!